27,000 Phone Consumers in Danger!

Over the past years I gave up using the landline.   Services with AT&T were too expensive.   As a privileged computer owner I have free domestic and long distant  phone service.  As for the approximate 27,000 people living in San Francisco under the poverty line, free phone computer service is just a pipe dream. 

Its Gonna Be Okay... a poem for Manong Al Robles

itʼs gonna be okay

youʼre in our dreams now
like you were back in the day
easing through the troubles
sticking to us like barnacles on old ships
on the high and deepest seas.


okay now, itʼs gonna be okay
the whisper. the promise

you move through the dreams now
like golden wind through the gate
easing past the bridge you crossed
from marin to chinatown
over the scattered ashes of bob kaufman on the bay

Disparity: Who Polices the Police?

Two words come to mind, right off the bat.  1) brutal, and 2) hypocrisy.  As defined by Webster's "New World" dictionary, brutal means: 1.like a brute; very savage, cruel, etc. 2. very harsh.  And hypocrisy means: 1. a pretending to be what one is not, or to feel what one does not; esp., a pretense of virtue, piety, etc.  This, I say here, is something to consider when one contemplates the motto printed on every standard police car in Seattle and beyond...To serve and protect. 

Reggie's Corner Rap - Spring Is Green

Whew! I am drinking a hot cup of herbal lemon tea, out on this cold corner people are passing by to catch the buses. Noisy traffic is darting out in every direction of the city. It's been a long cold winter but today I can see some sunshine, tis the middle of February .
February is the most strangest month of the year. According to wikipedia: " February was named after the latin term februum,which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa held on February 15 (full moon) in the old lunar Roman calender."

To Weep or Not to Weep

To Weep or Not to Weep

"Aw,go on ahead now, child, and just cry..."

Profiling: Stop! Put your (BLACK) hands over your (BLACK) head

On Sunday morning 1-9-11 about six -thirty AM, I left the Bread of Life Mission to sell real Change papers. As I was heading to the Starbucks coffee shop, Iwas startled like a moose by bright shining lights. There was at least four police cars shining bright lights on me.


I am.
I am enough.
It's enough that I am.

I see.
I see enough.
It's enough that I see.

I believe.
I believe enough.
It's enough that I believe.

I am.
I see.
I believe.

by C.M.Condeff, age 54
now, age 15 then.

Uncle Eddy

RIP to my uncle Eddy
he always kept it steady
and nobody s ever ready
he had a woman named Betty
she was never ever shady
he was a boss who paid the cost
even when he was homeless he'd floss
he was a man with kids across the land
from his homeland Mississippi
to out here's bay of San Fran
another man in my life who helped me know I can
he left behind my cousins Edward and Evany
they running businesses and selling things
in colleges graduating

POOR Magazine celebrates Black History Month with the Launch of the AL Robles Living Library & 2011 POOR Press Collection!

Filipino Scholar, Poet and San Francisco Community Leader Honored with a “Living Library” in Black History Month


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