this place is a palace that holds king and queens

brothers and sisters and warriors and not. The palace

was born on ancestors ground and they guide us.

We love and support and give housing and care in

this palace, that's why we call it homefulness

Senior Action Network General Meeting--First of the year

Senior Action Network's first General Meeting of 2012
Topic: Aging in Place
Thursday, Jan 12
10 am to Noon;
Doors open at 9am
at the Unitarian Universalist Church
Franklin at Geary, San Francisco, CA

For More Information, Call 415-546-1320

Tribute to Ramona Gra'Ves

(Clockwise, sisters Charlene, Florence and Ramona)

My Dear Sister Ramona,

My Best Friend, my mother (In Memory of Ramona Dolores Gra'Ves)

How do I go on without my mother, my

best friend?

She is in everything, she is everywhere.

How can i bear the loss of my best


Remember, remember the love, the life,

the laughter!!!!!!!

She will always be with me, in me.




Man or Mouse

Much of my life has been devoted to being a man, a good man or worthy of being referred to as such.  Growing up, I associated men as those who carried themselves in, what I perceived to be, a fearless manner—ready to take on anybody or anything regardless of size.  My father was about 5 foot 4, 145 pounds in his heyday.  I’d heard stories about him knocking out guys 6 foot 5 on the streets of Fillmore via a straight right cross followed by a left hook –without assistance from a ladder.  To me, this was the definition of a man.


"Occupied" by Real Estate Snakkes, Eviction and Homelessness #1

PNN-TV re-ported and sup-ported on the Mass March or housing which was the culmination of 4 neighborhood rallies organized by tenant and neighborhood groups. The Tenants Union will begin in the Tenderloin where we will march to buildings bought by Citi Apartments with money from Wells Fargo.

"Occupied" by Real Estate Snakkes and Homelessness #2

PNN_TV: Re-porting N Sup-porting On the Mass March with Occupy SF to highlight the role that the 1% big banks play in the evictions of tenants and the gentrification of San Francisco.


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