Filipino World War II Veterans Speak at the I-Hotel on POW/MIA Recognition Day












He spoke softly
Hat adorning head
Hair flecked gray the
Din of memory

Houseless Homeowners

Houseless Homeowners

Another anti-poor people legislation is passed in San Francisco

By tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia and Maggie Williams


TOMORROW: District 5 Poor Peoples Candidate Forum

POOR Peoples Candidate Forum in District 5

Low-income communities of color in district 5 pose questions to District 5 candidates


What: District 5 POOR Peoples Candidate Forum

My Comrade- Richard Aoki

At almost 75 years of age, there are very few things in life that surprise me anymore. However, I can say I was not only surprised by the allegations made against my comrade Richard Aoki, I was sickened. I should not have been surprised because I know that this government still has unfinished business with us, we Panthers, and being dead doesn’t free us from their need to persecute us and create chaos and mistrust among those of us who remain.

Being "Raised" Right!

I can look back on my early years in and out of shelters and public housing complexes and admit..... I am alive today, not because my parents reared me for society, but because they Raised Me.


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