PNN-TV: Kkkleaning up "The City"

(PNN-TV: PNN Panhandler Correspondent re-ports at POOR Magazine's Community Newsroom - May 2012)

(Photo: Ro Seidelman/PNN)


kkkleaning up "The City"

The White Sand Beaches of Market Street













White Sand Beaches of Market Street

By Tony Robles


A manong I’d met a

While back but whose

Name I couldn’t remember

Recently approached me on

Market Street


Senior Survival School at Canon Kip







Senior Survival School

Learn more about community resources, your rights and advocacy!

Especially for homeless or marginally housed seniors and people with disabilities, but all are welcome!

TONITE:Born N Raised in Frisco Presents- A Living Herstory Project of the Al Robles Living Library @ 518 Valencia

Fri, 04/13/2012 - 6:30pm - 9:02pm

Born N Raised in Frisco - a writing and art project of the Uncle Al Robles Living Library @ POOR Magazine & PeopleSkool/Escuela de la gente Graduation Crawl & Party

Occupy Needs a Spanking

Art work by Carina Lomeli www.carinalomeli.com

Yes, I want peace. Yes, I want change.

The message is good. Let the elite give back what they took from all people.

As the rain crept in and out of the Day of Action, January 20th had come. I arrived at the 5 o'clock march, the last march that would lead us into "action".


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