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Journaling 101: Jinny: The Voices in Poverty Resist Series!

November 20th, 2012

The first worst time is when
They said it was cancer.

The second worst time is
When they called and said
She expired.

The third worst time is
When they said we won’t help.
You bury her because
You didn’t pay the bills on time.
And you should have a job eventually
Your mother needed 24 hrs care
And we pretended that YOU
Didn’t need any help

Hope for Young Black Men: The Voices in Poverty Resist Series!

November 20th, 2012

When a child loses hope, I feel a whole lot of things are wrong. Young Black men start off in this America with a disadvantage. Dreams are not only deferred, they are often stolen, or seem unobtainable. I often struggle to find hope. But I usually do through my fellow brothers and sisters in the struggle.

The Strength of Mama: The Voices in Poverty Resist Series!

November 20th, 2012

My name is Jacqueline Mendez. I'm the first one from six. In my family we are 7 in total. I'm 28 years old. I had a really rough childhood, never got to be a child. Since I was the first I had to help my mom with my brothers and sisters, while she was at work and our dad wasn't around to help. We saw how she struggled.

The Struggle Brings Us Closer: The Voices in Poverty Resist Series!

November 20th, 2012

In 2002 my wife and I both lost our jobs. We were homeless with three children under ten years old. We were forced to share a house with another family.

We lived in one room, all five of us. We slept and watched TV and everything in this room. We had to share the bathroom and the other parts of the house with 10-13 other people.

Hurricane Survival

Dedicated to all poverty skolaz, warriors and organizers from Back East to Deep East- From Haiti to New Jersey....prayers, love and survival to ALL who were caught in this tragedy...


Vote or Shut Up- a Po' Black Man's Voter's Guide

(Image of Ruyata Akio McGlothlin and Joseph Bolden(seated) at the Poor Peoples District 5 Candidate forum sponsored by POOR Magazine and the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper)



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