Access to Health: RYME Youth Skolaz Report on PODER Youth Action

Revolutionary Youth Media Education (RYME) Youth Skolaz report on action by PODER Youth Skolaz for Equal Access to Health in the City-

An open letter to Mayor Quan of Oakland, California

The Honorable Jean Quan

Mayor of Oakland, California


Dear Honorable Mayor Quan:


At first I was so proud

Finally a Yellow voice speaking outloud


So what happened dear sister

To your words as resister?


Hunters Point is Home! – Standing Up for Ours Tours Are Launched in Hunters Point

Young African Descendent Filmmaker and visionary launches a tour to listen and support young people of color across the Bay


Riting on Reparations (pt 1)

The following are six different "reparations" narratives by six anonymous authors excerpted from the chapter... From Removal to Reparations in the upcoming book: Poverty Scholarship #101 The Population Brings the Popular EduKashun- a PeopleSText which will be released in 2012

1) Blood Money from People with long-term memory loss...

Peopleskool/ Escuela de La Gente BEGINS

Tue, 06/07/2011 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Scroll Down For English:


Escuela De La Gente  El Instituto de Racismo, Pobreza, Justicia en los Medios de Comunicacion

2011 Verano Horario de Clase

Todas las clases se inician  Martes, Junio 7

Rejistracion Tarde: 1er dia de clase

Matrícula en una escala móvil – Becas disponibles en Skolaz el Pobre 'Fondo.

Todas las clases son en Ingles y Espanol

TONITE: Prensa POBRE/POOR Press @ City Lights Books

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

POOR Press- Penetrating the Channels of Publishing Access rooted in Linguistic domination, Akkkademia, class and race privilege- please support this poor people-led publishing revolution appearing at city Lights this Thursday, July 7th @ 7pm!

an evening of readings from new work

RYME- Revolutionary Youth Media Education

RYME- Revolutionary Youth Media Education for youth 12-19 years old.

The RYME program includes radio, video and on-line journalism (blog) production as well as poetry, performance and theatre, organizing and consciousness on poverty, racism, migration, police brutality and liberation

All classes are taught bi-lingually and include lunch

Full scholarship and stipends offerred to low-income youth.

Program begins June 7th-Space is limited. Registration deadline is May 15th.

The Murderous Injustice of Racial Profiling /Resistance Blog Series - a Project of PeopleSkool


            “You- are -eight-y sixed”, he unblinkingly growled through bared teeth. What is eighty sixed? I thought to myself.  The bar blurred, my pants grew moist and the rancid smell of alcohol filled my nostrils. I was on a Bar’s floor with a pool stick around my neck. Once the pool stick was taken from around my neck I instantly called the police.


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