Migrante/Inmigrant Justice

No History Is illegal- The Fight for Our own Herstories in Arizona

Tucson's Mexican American Studies Director Sean Arce Speaks at Mission High on the Banning of Ethnic Studies in Arizona..

We arrive at Mission High School with POOR Magazine family to witness and take part in an event called "No History is Illegal". Sean Arce, fired from his job as director of the Tucson school district's Mexican American Studies program, was about to speak on the banning of ethnic studies in Arizona.

Response to Doctrine of Discovery by Native Youth Youth Sexual Health Network at the United Nations

I am here on behalf of The Native Youth Sexual Health Network, an organization that works across the United States and Canada on all issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice by and for Indigenous youth.

We would like to congratulate Chief Ed John on his appointment as Chair to the Permanent
Forum on Indigenous Issues and look forward to working with you for the advancement of the


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