No More Hospital Duping (or Dumping!)

Community members demand an end to the dumping of poor and homeless patients by Bay Area hospitals.

I dont have any insurance!

Most healthcare fairs have big name sponsors concerned about public image, not long term solutions to the hellthcare crisis.

HELLthcare at Kaiser Permanente

A man is denied access to health care from Kaiser after being told he has "six months to live."

Hellth-Care on Potrero Hill

Racist, classist hellth-care uncovered at Potrero Hill Health Center

This Man's gonna Hurt Someone or… himself

A tax on the rich of California will improve Mental Health Services for all

Descimating care for the poorest

Iris Biblowitz, a nurse at the Tom Waddell Clinic, sent this in to
San Francisco Chronicle's Joan Ryan

Its hard to tell what the true numbers are

County Hospital Admissions Up By 10% Since June!
Two County Clinic Closures Are Painful

The Salesman

A narrative essay on Forced Treatment and The Anti-psychiatry conference in San Francisco

1..2..3..4.. The APA is a Corporate Whore!!!

Survivors and Consumers of the Mental Health Monopoly hold an anti-psychiatry conference and protest in San Francisco


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