Global Poverty and Resistance

Homeless in Osaka

Homeless squatters evicted from Nagai Park, in Osaka Japan.

A new and unsettling force..

Poverty Scholars from across the globe come together to re-ignite the revolution of Dr. Martin Luther Kings Poor Peoples Campaign

Neo-liberalism or Neo-Poverty

Neoliberalism Needs Death Squads in Colombia

Drop Nafta/Cafta!

Destroying Land, Livelihoods and Liberty

Protest Land Theft, criminalization, and the destruction of Nafta and Cafta!

Thursday, Oct 15th- 5-8:00pm

Caring for our Pacific Islander Families

POOR Magazine families in the Bay Area and beyond on Turtle Island are extending our love, corazons and tears to our family members on other parts of Pacha Mama who are struggling with survival in the face of flooding, tsunami's, earthquakes and violence.


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