Global Poverty and Resistance

Murder Incorporated

Growing up, as my Mama's Sun and a formerly houseless student of a revolutionary school called Deecolonize Academy, I have read many books about the true history of the United States, one that until recently, wasn't eagerly taught by our country's public education system. I have heard stories time and time again of the man who discovered the place I live in today, and the many ways he tortured innocent indigenous people from all over the world.

Houseless, indigenous peoples UnSell More of Mama Earth and Launch Homefulness #2

Houseless, indigenous peoples UnSell More of Mama Earth and Launch Homefulness #2 - With ComeUnity Reparations

Apply for People Skool August 2020- Decolonization/Degentrifukation Seminar for People with Race, Class and/or Formal Education Privilege

This summer's People Skool for people with race, class and/or formal education privilege is coming up on August 29 and 30th! This workshop is aimed at service providers, media creators, educators, organizers, researchers, artists, legislators, policy-makers, donors/philanthropists, students, community members- anyone who wants to learn about following Black, Indigenous POC and poor leadership and aligning your work with poor people-led self determination movements. 


From Katrina to Corona Series: PoLice Terror to Military Terror

From Katrina to Corona-: Govt Solutions Vs Peoples Solutions:
This Weeks Theme: PoLice Terror to Military Terror

Featuring Mali Watkins PoLice Terrorized in Klanameda (alameda) for Dancing While Black and Griselda Martinez, whose brother Enrique Roman Martinez was brutally murdered and dismembered while serving in the Amerikkklan Military Industrial Complex

Decolonized English class Jailhouse Lawyering Semester Finals from Youth PovertySkola Students 2019-2020

Photo: Decolonize Academy visits the Alameda County Law Library 





For their final assignments in Jailhouse Lawyering class, the Decolonize Academy you wrote arguments in the famous cases. 


Kimo. VS . Mcmichaels

by Kimo Umu


Summary of the Case

Landlord Harasses, Bullies and Serves Illegal Notices on Oakland Tenants in a Global Pandemic and Eviction Moratorium

In the Middle of the Covid19 Pandemic and a state and county-wide Eviction Moratorium - A Landlord Harasses, Bullies and Serves Illegal Notices on Oakland Tenants.


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