Manilatown is in the Heart

A film about Uncle Al Robles premiers in San Francisco

What: Manilatown is in the Heart: A Poetic Documentary film by Curtis Choy

When: August 9th at 7:00 pm

Where: Manilatown Center Gallery- International Hotel- 868 Kearny St San Francisco

Hip-Hop Tried to Kill Me

A PNN REviewsforthReVoluTion Hip Hop review of a new book on Hip Hop , survival and thrival of a community activist and poverty scholar

Ordinary Guy

A Professor, music and poverty scholar with a "degree in streetology" Joe Bataan

Black History Unfolding In Front of My Eyes

Powerful new books by African-American writers are released by POORPress this Black History Month.

They couldn't see my beauty as a black woman goddess

One AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMan's journey through LOVE, art and Black History month

Violence has a long history as a tool of Racism and Ethnic Cleansing

Race and poverty scholar, Sam Drew reviews Marco Williams' Banished, a documentary exploring the ethnic cleansing that took place in three small Southern towns.

Gangs, Drugs and Denial

A ReViewForTheREVolution of Gangs, Drugs and Denial- a recent POOR Press publication.

Giuliani Time: Just When You Thought You Knew How Evil He Is

A ReVieWfortHeReVoluTion of the documentary 'Giuliani Time.'

Fury of Beauty

A ReviewfortheReVolUtion of Life, Struggle and Reflection- a new release by POOR Press.


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