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When a Mother and her Autistic Sun are Evicted

When a mother and her autistic son are evicted, where are they supposed to turn? For Bessie Taylor of Monterey County, every option has come up short. Now, she’s worried about what comes next.

More Than Hip-Hop, Father & Son in All I Wanna Do, The Film

Krip-Hop Nation (KHN):  As a disabled activist/artist & founder of Krip-Hop Nation, I am totally interested in your 2011 documentary, All I Wanna Do, but first talk about your background as a film maker. 

DJ Kuttin Kandi Spins Some Real Shit

Krip-Hop Nation (KHN) – So glad to finally getting a chance to interview you.  You had a health scare some time ago.  How are you feeling now?

Listen to The Conversation with Roosevelt Mitchell then Read My Review of His Book, Diary of a Disability Scholar

Guess where I met the author of Diary of a Disability Scholar Roosevelt Mitchell? Yes, on Facebook, but this was after I ran across Mitchell’s Kickstarter page for his book. I was excited about his book, being Black & disabled & putting out a book, got me stoke to get it. As I read & listened to the video on Mitchell’s Kickstarter page, I had questions from the start like the write up about Mitchell of him being the first person to write a sociological introspective viewpoint.

Claire Cunningham Dances To Her Own Song

(Photo by Sven Hagolani)

Krip-Hop Nation (KHN) I’m so excited to interview you, Claire, and have been following your work for years. I’m just going to come out in say it you are the only woman on crutches that do what you do.

Clair Cunningham: Cheers Leroy! That’s incredibly flattering.

KHN: Now you started as a classical singer tell us how did that turn into dancing and do you still sing?

African American Leaders Partner To Host First Annual Music, Art, and Self-Advocacy Event in 2014.

Community Empowerment Programs Incorporated (CEPI) is pleased to announce that our organization will be working extensively with

2013 Krip-Hop Nation's Accomplishments

Hello Peeps,

Its that time again when we look back on another year and what we did. In 2013 Krp-Hop Nation & Leroy Moore did some amazing stuff with others and on our own so take a look. 2014, we are coming! If you want to get involve drop us an email at

1) Feb 8th Leroy helped coordinate Porgy event at UC Berkeley with Susan Schweik brought Damon L. Ford who met Porgy's family to campus


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