POOR's Mission

POOR Magazine is a poor people led/indigenous people led, grassroots non-profit,arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, art, education and advocacy to silenced youth, adults and elders in poverty across the globe.

All of POOR's programs are focused on providing non-colonizing, community-based and community-led media, art and education with the goals of creating access for silenced voices, preserving and degentrifying rooted communities of color and re-framing the debate on poverty, landlessness, indigenous resistance, disability and race locally and globally.

POOR Magazine

POOR Magazine Revolutionary Journalism, poetry, & prose on issues of poverty, racism, disability, in/migration, border fascism, incarceration, welfare (de)form, profiling, indigenous resistance, art, media, and more by the folks who experience these struggles first-hand.

(POOR Magazine -The print edition- Is currently out of print due to lack of funding. Some copies of Volume #4: MOTHERS still available by mail order. Contact deeandtiny@poormagazine.org)

Blogs and Journalizm by Poverty Skolaz locally and globally linked below:

For Troy Davis

Brother Troy Davis. Brother, son, comrade—child of God—part of the river of struggle that flows in every corner of the earth; from the arid deserts to the coldest heights and everywhere in between.

Fresh and Easy Displacement

You could cut the hate with a knife. All eyes were on my fumbling fingers, unable to sign my WIC coupons fast enough with one hand while holding my 13-month-old son with the other. "Somebody's using welfare checks to pay for their food," A 20 something man in a polo shirt shouted into his phone next to me.

I am Troy Davis Killed at the hands of overseers of plantations

I am troy Davis

Killed at the hands of overseers of plantations


I am Kenneth Harding

Murdered by Po’Lice for not having

2 Dollaz


Attica Is ALL of Us

(Image is Attica prison 40 years ago this month – Photo: AP)

Who Owns the Media?

September 12, 2011

The people who control the first level of information available to us, through our TV sets, billboards, and radios, are a select few. Rupert Murdoch owns Dish Network. AT&T owns Direct TV. Comcast (now known as XFinity) is run out of a corporation in Mexico City that owns the majority of cable networks around the world. These are just the major ones, the heavy hitters. If I didn’t mention any of the others, thank God that you’re not controlled by them.


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