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Yea this skola going ..going back back to kkkollege.. kollege..

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

(Sed To me and mamas favorite rapper soundz BiggieSmalls )

Yea this skola going going back back to kkkollege …kkkollege - Not cuz it’s. A dream or will make me or cuz I can teach ...

We Po & Houseless folks got that on lock from our ancestors, our elders , our struggles our resistance

We already teach /share /love and repair with our humble struggle knowledge of love Work and Radical care

Naw it’s With original theory we call #PovertyScholarship

It’s with the knowledge of our Mamaz and what sleeping and surviving wit nothing b teaching

It’s with interdependence not rooted in more extraction, exploitation and MamaEarth /1st nations ancestors desecration

So no this povertySkola don’t care bout your paper with kolonial letters on it But I do care bout infiltration To Liberation

I care bout the stolen Resources , land and dreams they r hoarding

I care bout Reparations free tuition and information to help us skolaz create our theatre into spaces and places we r shut off of -silenced in and out of and radical redistribution that must come from these institutions

I infiltrated their bugie “journal” with the land back /free tuition for poor students proposal I already gave to the dean

But No Matta what NONE of this would have happened without y’all kicking down yo love crums so this skola could pay the “ransom”

Love, gratitude and respect mere words can’t express and best believe family once again

I’ll b tearing Ish up …

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