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Writing & Walking a Homeless Peoples Solution to Homelessness....Homefulness- Book, Film, and UnTour

Poor, Homeless, Indigenous, Black/Brown peoples go on an "UnTour' to share curriculum, workshops, film, poetry, performance, and prayer to promote an innovative model to solving homelessness called Homefulness..

Broke, Black, Brown and Disabled Book UnTour

The Po Poets Project, a grassroots poetry project of thehouseless, poor and indigenous peoples led movement knownas POOR Magazine, will be in LA from May 5-7th because the short film When Mama and Me Lived Outside, has won an award in the LA international Children's Film festival. The Film is based on the bi-lingual children’s book of the same name written by tiny gray-garcia and focuses on tiny and her mother's journey through homelessness in LA and the SF Bay Area. All of the Po Poets, formerly houseless, Black, Brown revolutionary poets, will be reading from their books and promoting their publications. They will also be sharing the medicine of UnSElling Mama Earth and building poor andhouseless peoples’ solutions to poverty and homelessness, what they call Homefulness. These land liberators, from all four corners of Mama Earth, will be offering readings and workshops from their newest books: How to Not Call the Po'Lice Ever and Poverty Scholarship: Poor People-Led Theory, Art, Words, and Tears Across Mama Earth. They will also be leading a Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tourthrough wealth-hoarding neighborhoods of LA, coloniallandmarks (KlanMarks, as tiny from POOR Magazine callsthem), threatened forests, sacred sites, museums of Anthro-Wrongology, academia as well as spaces of indigenous sovereignty to share the urgent medicine of RadicalRedistribution, LandBack, and ComeUnity Reparations.

In addition to the release of this powerful How to Book- Homefulness Handbook, which details how to do the powerful work POOR Magazine poverty skolaz are doing in Oakland right now. 7 of the core youth, mama and elder leaders of this work will be leading one of their herstoric StolenLand/Hoarded Resources Tour- a prayer walk thru some of the most wealth-hoarding neighborhoods in the US with the medicine of radical redistribution and ComeUnity Reparations- the innovative models that fund Homefulness - guided and informed by the innovative theory Poverty Scholarship-

The Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tours were launched on MamaEarth Day in 2016 by indigenous, Houseless, Disabled Black, Brown and Poor Youth, adults and Elders who "Toured" through gated, poLiced, Guarded and protected neighborhoods of extreme wealth from Park Avenue to SillyCon Valley. The tours are loosely based on the Bhoodan Movement of India launched by Vinoba Bhave, who walked through India asking wealthy "land-owners" to gift their land back to landless peoples.

POOR Magazine is a very grassroots, poor and indigenous people led movement creating media, art, culture, education and solutions since 1996 POOR press is the poor people-led publishing arm of POOR Magazine dedicated to publishing the books and art of very low, no-income, homeless and incarcerated youth, adults and elders.

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