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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

InflaSHAM -it’s a CorpRape scam -We all must OVERstand

de-Krapitalism lesson plan

Meant to cause us po folks hunger pangs

Rigged to make AmonstraZon & besos even more bank

Gas 6 dollaz po Mamaz can’t get drive our elders to doctors

or pick up our suns and daughters

Filled with a lot of poor people lies

Like we just don’t work hard enough or pull up our bootstraps high

While transportation costs rise so even if we get a job

We cant afford the ride

Now now vegan nazis yea we should bike and walk only

But some poor /disabled workers still need their need their cars -homey

we can’t all b witey rocketing to the moon & stars taking all our stolen money up to mars

Fuk u and your CorpRape lies

Tyson chicken price gouging chicken thighs

Fuk us poor peoples wit not enuf to feed our families

Fuk the elders let them get on the Reno bus and gamble

We got profits to make

More people to break

And besides we rich people always win

Any damn way

So we talk about InflaSHAM - I wanna un-pack the krapitalist aspect of this scam

ITs deep family-

The wealth-hoarders rig the prices and make as much money as the “market” will allow

Then we we cant keep our jobs, pay for child care or food to eat

They make money on our crash and defeat

You see family they make money every which a way- and sometimes the slactivists should be including blood-stained ekonmiks in their strategy planning days

This PoemCast from a poverty skola goes out to all my fellow poverty skolaz tryna make it from one day to the other - trying to feed our babies when the Ekkkonomiks don’t make no sence-

But its also a deep lesson for all of us- poverty skolaz and folks wit privilege and a safe place to rest- InFlaSham must be un-packed if we want to clearly overstand Krapitalist krap-

Its not just the frog in the hot water accepting rising costs until they get boiled. Its the specifics about what these krapitalists do with what they call the Market- its realizing that to them we arent humans with feelings and struggles - we r a thing - that can b played with - how high can we charge them for chicken legs before they don’t buy no more chicken- how much can we rake in for our diapers before they stop buying diapers-( and earn for our parent company Monsanto) its calculated and evil and needs to be related to any kind of our poor people resistance.

Since before recorded colonial time our mamaz , uncles and comeUnities have been pooling their monies to support each other - not a one-off kick—down - not oh u got a crisis- I got to show up in yo town- - but ongoing indigenous community interdependence - if anyone has a job- everyone eats, if people pool money they all eat - they all have businesses - In the 80’s a small group of women from the global south ( Bangladesh) started one of these circles - an akkkademik named Mohammad Yunis launched the Bank of Grameen. Which at its core was a beautiful progression of our interdependence - each of us survives and thrives if one of us does. Making small loans to people in poverty so they could create their own “micro-businesses” in “savings circles” with other micor-business peoples in poverty.

At its core the root principles of the Bank of Grameen and Savings Circles resists krapitalism and subsequently the lie of the “free market” where the prices are gouged and fixed and our ability to survive inside of it relies on a wealth-hoarders decision to steal from us.

But like most things in this world - Muhammad got a Nobel prize - got soul-ed out by the IMF - the World Bank - one of the Neo-liberal lies of global poverty and terrorism of poor and indigenous nations across Mama Earth- they brought the concept here and began the IDA loans at places like Bank of Apartheid - all of it is sad- and pimped and I know cuz me and mama tried to get help from it for our micro-business when we were still houseless and trying everything to be stable

All of that said, for us revolutionaries to truly create self-determined movements in resistance to krapitalist terror, violence and hoarding - we also have to learn back, walk-back, Land-Back, and live back the indigenous economics of our ancestors-NO Black Brown and indigenous krapitalism isn’t the answer - but Lifting up all the micro-business owners in poverty, lifting up our fellow communities in poverty collectively so we can all not only survive but thrive- now thats an actual resistance to the wite- supremacist, evil that is Krapitalism- from street newspaper sellers, to artists, to shoe-shiners to (gardeners) jardinieres - we need to take back our street corners ,cuz like I always say- Change won’t come from a savior a pimp or an institution - change will only come from a poor people led revolution…..

Resistance to greed is real- but family we won’t make it ALONE but we WILL make it together….

Stay tuned for our mercadito de cambios to bloom at Homefulness - into rent-free spaces of bartering and support and radical sharing - and next installation on Radical Interdependence led by and for poor people -

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