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Demand Berkeley City Council Pass a Ceasefire Resolution

MAYOR: Jesse Arreguin, (510)981-7100

DISTRICT 1: Rashi Kesarwani, (510)981-7110

DISTRICT 2: Terry Taplin, (510)981-7120

DISTRICT 3: Ben Bartlett, (510)981-7130

DISTRICT 4: Kate Harrison, (510)981-7140

DISTRICT 5: Sophie Hahn, (510)981-7150

DISTRICT 6: Susan Wengraf, (510)981-7160

DISTRICT 7: Rigel Robinson, (510)981-7170

DISTRICT 8: Mark Humbert, (510)981-7180

"Hello my name is ___ and I live in Berkeley, District __. I am calling to urge the Berkeley City Council to call a special meeting and pass a ceasefire resolution. Considering the deaths of over 20,000 Palestinians and counting, this request is urgent. If you fail to propose and pass a ceasefire resolution, you will lose my vote in the next election."

Upcoming City Council Meetings:

*passed Agenda & Rules meeting 12/4

*passed City Council 12/5

City Council 12/12 6pm (final meeting of the year)

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