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Decolonizing Homelessness

An Origin Story

by Tiny, daughter of Dee, povertyskola co-founder /visionary of Homefulness

@povertyskola on Twitter and IG

Decolonizing or dying?

I mean how can we talk about just transfers

and still b owning her while she b desecrated and yet we keep buying and selling and buying

Mama earth is who I speak of

Our great mama who like our mamas we only have one of

Her purchase

Your profit

Leads to all these violent Evictions and sweeps that got us poor peoples dying

From WinnaMucca to Wood Street to around the corner from 1st nations elders to grandmamas like Iris Canadá and Elaine Turner

Buying selling renting and dwelling -if u po u lucky if u win the real esnakke monopoly end up housed instead of at the mercy of scamlords, poLice and more jailing

If u worked all yo life to own yo spot -I ain’t mad at ya -it’s all we been taught

Sold and told it’s what we shud attain jus to b safe in a krapitalist pyramid game that keeps poor people in chains breaking poor peoples backs grown on poor peoples labor and intentional poverty by the ongoing lie of private property

Would u sell yo own mama ?

Would u put her on the auction block

Would u evict and sweep

So u never have to see

How much she got robbed, thawed, and bought

What's the answer ?

Clarifying the problem

It's a complete stop to same ole same ole process

Stop the Wealth hoarders so they can't steal and profit

And tell the Philanthro-pimps don’t dole out yo blood-stained dollars

Cuz they stop exchanging mama earth on the market

Begins by questioning all you have bought

All you have been sold and all u have been taught

Fight for 1st Nations and Black land BACK

Fight for no more hygenic metaphors about the poor

Question the multiple lies of rent

The scamlord and the poverty pimp

The ones you pay to keep a roof

The one Who gets paid to Help you while seeing your struggle as moot

Fight for her -

Your mama -

our mama - our Mama Earth

fight for her so we all stop this hurt

Decolonizing Homelessness

“A lot of us elders, disabled elders, who have been here for decades have been evicted and are now homeless,” said Jim Ayer one of many life-long 1st Nations residents of the Winnemucca Indian Colony which was “established” by the US settler government in 1917 for “homeless indians.”

The Winnamucca tragedy which ended in the eviction of scores of long-time elder indigenous residents of the colony on December 2nd is sickeningly ironic as the "colony" is on land already stolen from 1st Nations peoples to make them “homeless” in the first place, and now in the 21st century, indigenous peoples from Turtle Island in many settler towns make up the majority of the unhoused population in their community.

“200 years ago before colonization there wasn’t even a concept of homelessness,” said Talking chief/spokesperson of the confederated villages of Lisjan/Ohlone and co-founder of the Sogorea Te Land Trust at a powerful shellmound to shellmound walk from the over 5,000 year old shellmound in West Berkeley to the centuries old shellmound in Emeryville which the settlers and CorpRapeshuns turned into a mall.

Poverty has been a consumer product of krapitalism since the settlers first came here, as a matter of fact poverty and disability was a crime in all the countries the settlers came from.

So where did homelessness come from?

Its origins are not, as many 21st century researchers will tell you, because of lack of rent control, redlining, violence, trauma or profiling, ableism, racism, eviction and gentriFUKation. Those are most definitely what has made homelessness go to terrifying epidemic levels. But these are NOT its roots and homelessness as we now experience it could not have taken hold had it not been for the original theft of Turtle Island, implementation of the deep Settler lie of private property to launch the real eSnake speculative industry and a multitude of extractive industries set up because of that original theft for profit, extraction and colonization.

“I’ve been staying under the 101 offramp on and off for the last 5 years and then one day, they came and took all my belongings and threatened me with with guns if I didn’t leave,” said Rogelio G, an elder migrante houseless relative from Michoacan, Mexico, now residing houseless in San Francisco.