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By Audrey CandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

January 5th, 2023

23 things to throw away in 2022, and the new year is here. 2023—how quickly has the time gone by.

Starting back in March of 2020 the big Coronavirus hit, it seems like from that starting point time has sped up triple-time.

3 years have come and gone. My children, they are now towering over me. My youngest is 14 and my middle child is 19 and my oldest child WOULD BE 24. All 5 years apart, we’re all purging and growing in spirit. I often miss him. I'm learning how to let go of physical tangible relatable things…items. Items of my past lives stuffed and big black bags and brown paper boxes.

Oh, but I've had a breakthrough. It started with a big black bag and the pile of stuff brought to the surface and centered in the middle of the floor of my living room.

Every loose piece that my eyes could see I gathered. Obviously, these pieces needed a stationary place to be. Not strolled all over the place openly displayed, things had begun to get a little bit out of hand. All these items needed a place, a space of their own to be placed.

Easier said than done.

Well, I decided to pick 23 things to get rid of. Starting with:

1# all old papers

2# anything that was not legible

3# old make up

4# my tooth brush

5# old bra and panties

#6 old clothing

#7 old shoes

#8 not working cords

#9 old food in refrigerator

#10 old cups

#11 old plates

12# useless pens

13# dried out markers

14# manicuring pedicuring set

15# old appliances I don't use

16# outdated canned goods

17# tarnished fake jewelry

18# throw away holey bags of all kinds

19# got rid of books

20# old outdated faded purses

#21 appliances with missing parts

#22 old lotions

#23 old nail polish

It's taken some time to complete the task.

But the day is here. It has come, ground zero has been broken. I'm ready for takeoff, the blessing in it all is the simple fact that there are some patterns that come with certain behaviors which pay tribute to the cause and effect. It wasn't until I realized the struggle I kept losing to over and over again. It was because I had no structure to the madness. I had a method that wasn't very functional. I needed a system, and one that worked...

My mind was used to kind of getting it done however it got done, unorthodox and scrambled, yielding 100% to me and my effort to clean, to declutter, to unorder and to free myself. Piece by piece…

It's been 3 years since coronavirus first hit—a lot has shifted and changed. The world As We Know It has catapulted into a new world, sliding into a one world order slowly but surely. Reading us of how we know life to be included in the way we clean. I took an oath, and I am determined to keep on with the keeping on of the mission: Of decluttering my home.

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