3 kkkolonial Towns, 4 Days and 7 poverty Skolaz....UnTour of Occupied Pacific Northwest

Tiny - Posted on 27 November 2021

All the Medicine we shared in Occupied Pacific Northwest, Turtle Island


So-called Bellingham:


Homeless Youth Drop-in Center Po Poets workshop

Medicine to the young minds we set a place of warmth and love

The opportunity to unload thoughts on paper sharing and receiving as we listened and acknowledge their struggle. I couldn't help but to think about when the clock strikes four and the  and the center is closed where will these young folks go for most of them were homeless.

As we continued on our Untour I could not help but to think about those young lives as the center closes released into the rain and the cold, my prayers that maybe this night there would stay warm and be safe to survive another day.Ase

Po Poets Performance at Flow Shala

In words of truth a realization of the universal struggle of the poor rang out to so many listening ears that the universal struggle of the poor is a constant attack of capitalism.

Our books became food to overstand our strife that continues over Mama Earth.


Karate Church

All together with poverty scholars privileged folks and that gray area our words reminder of the work that needs to continue leaving them with the seed of inspiration towards purchasing of land with encouragement to keep this movement lit.

We listened and overstood their trials to obtain land obstacles that money can't buy due to the races and wicked minds of race and class privilege.

Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources  UnTour in Occupied Lummi/Nooksack Territory (Bellingham)

Even in the rain 20 of us or more led the Untour in the neighborhoods of the privilege knocking on doors offering the medicine and knowledge of redistribution some doors open convincing us that they shared their crumbs and feeling that this action of limited share they had done their part. Not every door was obliged to open and listen to our words and our presence like every tour we engage with there are those who are so close-minded embracing their privilege of race and stolen wealth that the threat of the police presence is always just a phone call away, luckily we left before they arrived.


Our prayers so strong as our youth showed such determination and strength despite the rain and cold we prayed we danced and we walked waking up the sleep.


So called Bend,Or


UnPaving the Road to Hell- Ending the Savioring & Anti-Socialworking Workshop & Performance at Spork 

Like always the dynamic words straight out with real talk of tiny Garcia.

As she opened up the floor inviting folks of race class privilege to speak up and open up and be uncomfortable, folk share this story and poetry the crowd became so hungry for the knowledge of our poverty scholar books and of our struggle we sold out of the homeless handbook.

Like all of our chores it was quite enlightening to hear various stories of people with race class privilege I remember one white man who's homeless but he uses his white skin to hide his homelessness

So called Eugene,Or


RoofLESS Radio street -workshops at two encampments with over 200 poverty skolaz 

We arrived at an encampment at the end of town we interviewed so many people it was a change from seeing predominantly homeless back and brown, but here in Eugene Oregon as most of the places in Oregon it's predomley white and first Nations people. The war on the poor is a universal the dangerous and so crushing pandemic is capitalism it is it was heartbreaking to hear the many stories that brought so many to the state of homelessness. Has corral so many lives into one area.

What's good medicine for all of us to be able to be strong enough to bring a blessing to bring medicine to bring love and care to individuals we met for the first time.

We are the people that we serve who knows and understands the pain of poverty were the government don't give a damn about and allows living conditions to be so unbearable,all is left is death?

We must continue to take care of each other,We take care of us!



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