PNN Roofless radio Eugene, OR (Tanya)

Tiny - Posted on 23 November 2021




Kind of creepy, they put me in a tent with 11 men. I was the only woman. So I decided to just not be there. So I went to live in a tent. I came here out of an abusive relationship that I was in for 18 years. I got packed up and left and I came here all by myself. And I've been homeless since I got here. And I'm working hard to get myself on this, you know, get a house but because everything was in my ex's name i have no rental history so i can't get an apartment, i can't do anything. It's hard. So I recently got two jobs and I'm trying to not have to live like this and it's not like people don't try. and i can't stand that people think we don't try because we do, most of us do, and we try hard. 


When we got here I noticed there was those trucks taking people's stuff, the cops, does that happen often? 


Yeah we don't even live in the park, we just move around wherever we can. We don't even have anywhere to stay and it's hard. It's really hard for people. And people think people use drugs or whatever. That's not the case. it's really not the case. No, I don't do any of that. I just don't have the money to afford a house. and a lot of people are that way. but they view all of us like we are--i'm trying to think of a nice word to say what they think we are--cretans, i guess

you know i'm educated, i'm not stupid, he's fully educated. we're not dumb. it's just hard if you don't have a rental history and i was married for 18 years, everything's in his name. i have nothing 


One of the things we talk about is poverty scholarship which is: our knowledge comes from our experiences. Just because we don't learn out of the institution or all those schools--you know that most of the stuff they teach are lies--doesn't mean that we're not educated. just like you were talking about. That's one of our main concepts over there over at POOR magazine


I'm not dumb right, i just, recently, I’m trying to lift myself. Thank God. 


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