One Rent Check Away from Homelessness- Thousands of Renters Receive Eviction Notices

Tiny - Posted on 04 October 2021

One Rent Check Away from Homelessness- the End of the Eviction Moratorium puts thousands of people in homelessness 
Elders, Disabled folks and Families immediately started receiving eviction notices when the Eviction Moratorium ended last week - Renters and Houseless folks organize emergency action. 

What: Emergency Response to Eviction Notices
Where: 520 Van Buren Oakland - 
When: 11am Tuesday, October 5th 
"Today i got a $9400.00- 15 day notice to pay or quit, rental assistance does not apply to myself and my husband, " said Momi Palapaz, POOR Magazine elder,  tenant in a building "owned" by Raj Properties and one of the thousands of low and no-income, disabled, elder and families who have received eviction notices since the termination of the eviction moratorium last week.
"Where are we going to go after we have been evicted,?" JH, a 38 year old disabled mama of three who is facing eviction with the end of the eviction moratorium looming.

"They evict us then once we are outside,  we are not seen as human. We are "swept", removed, stolen from. Any low-income, working class renter is one rent check away from homelessness, we are all connected, our struggles, resistance and liberation is linked. Mama Earth is not for sale,"
 said Tiny Gray-Garcia, formerly homeless, incarcerated and swept single parent, author of Criminal of Poverty - Growing Up Homeless in America and the most recent release The SideWalk Motel- She is co-founder and visionary of  Homefulness, a rent-free housing and healing project struggling to be built right now in Deep East Huchuin. 
From San Jose to San Francisco working class, poor, disabled, elders and families have been receiving eviction notices from their landlords stating that they owe thousands of dollars in back rent. Landlords like Raj Properties who were harassing and abusing tenants throughout the pandemic . Landlords who have decided that their profit making business is to buy, sell, and speculate Mama Earth. POOR Magazine poverty skolaz, poor and houseless, indigenous stand together to say Mama Earth is not for sale, Rent is a lie and we are holding this action to demand that either the eviction moratorium be extended indefinitely or all tenants receive complete rent relief without 32 page applications most people cant fill out or don't even qualify for.

"Eviction is displacement and displacement equals homelessness and homelessness is everybody's problem. They can't house the almost 200,000 people who call the streets home. Capitalism dictates property over people. To change this narrative we must change the narrator we must stand against the systems that are harming us all, said Crystal Rose Sanchez, poverty skola and leader with the Sacramento Homeless Union.

"In a time of Climate Disaster and the continuation of a world wide pandemic we must recognize that the way forward is not corporate wealth and capitalism. How can we continue the inhumanity of creating the violence of homelessness? Housing is a human right and eviction is a human rights violation! Everyone deserves the dignity of a home. Now is the time that we must ALL fight against the the lies of corporate greed. Homelessness is Not a solution, it is a symptom of a sick society, Corrina Gould Ohlone /Lisjan 1st Nations leader and co-founder of Sogorea Te Land Trust and Indigenous peoples Organizing for CHange  
"Housing is a right, not a privilege, "Krapitalism" kills and destroys families, " said Aunti Frances Moore, Black Panther , POOR Press author, poverty skola and Founder of the Self-Help Hunger Project 

This emergency action is co-sponsored by POOR Magazine, Krip Hop Nation, The San Francisco Bay View Newspaper, Indian People Organizing for Change and the Self-Help Hunger Project 


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