Houseless, Indigenous, Disabled Youth & Elders "Tour" Stolen Land, Culture & Ancestors at UC Berkeley

Tiny - Posted on 27 April 2021

Houseless, Indigenous, Disabled Youth & Elders "Tour" Stolen Land, Culture & Ancestors at UC Berkeley on the 5th of May 

What: Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour thru Academia

When: 3pm Wednesday, May 5th

Where: Launched at Hearst Museum on UC Berkeley Campus 

“As racist statues are falling and names are falling to the wayside we gather to walk and pray as a community to lift up the voices of our ancestors, to give voice to the voiceless and to call into accountability the institutions that continue to be the gatekeepers.”

-Corrina Gould, Ohlone/Lisjan land liberator, prayer-bringer and Co-Founder of Sogorea Te Land Trust  

The Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tours were launched on MamaEarth Day in 2016 by indigenous, Houseless, Disabled Black, Brown and Poor Youth, adults and Elders who "Toured" through gated, poLiced, Guarded and protected neighborhoods of extreme wealth from Park Avenue to SillyCon Valley. The tours are loosely based on the Bhoodan Movement of India launched by Vinoba Bhave, who walked through India asking wealthy "land-owners" to gift their land back to landless peoples.

Walk with Indigenous, Black, Brown, Houseless & Disabled Peoples as we lay down prayers, share the medicine of Radical redistribution and ComeUnity reparations, and reclaim Culture, Land, Ancestors, neighborhoods, and Knowledge that has been Warehoused, Displaced, Incarcerated and/or Stolen by extractive institutions of knowledge production. 

"UC Berkeley and UC Hastings are actively gentrifying, displacing and removing low-income, disabled and elder tenants and houseless people who have nowhere else to go under the guise of the Dorm Industrial Complex. The roots of this removal and extraction lie in Museums of Anthro-Wrong-Ology like the Hearst Museum.”  

-Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia, formerly houseless Co-Founder of POOR Magazine and Homefulness and author of Growing Up Homeless in America.

"Many of us houseless UC students have nowhere else to stay, that's who UC Berkeley is displacing with their removal plans at Peoples Park." 

-Marci, one of hundreds of unhoused students at UC Berkeley staying part-time at People’s Park

“It was my refuge, a place where folks like me, like us, the homeless, could gather and eat, sleep, converse and find common ground. People's park was a society among society, a hub of resources, clothes, food, shelter, a place where poor and Houseless peoples are greeted by organizations, who came there to reach people where they are.”

-Aunti Francés Moore, Black Panther and Founder of Self-Help Hunger Program, povertySkola, author with POOR Magazine and Co-Founder of Homefulness 

This is not a protest, this is about sharing the medicine of redistribution and community reparations because we are all in a crisis of scarcity, land stealing and wealth-hoarding and need to understand there is a different way to live and walk interdependently.

Co-sponsored by POORmagazine/PrensaPobre, Indians Organizing for Change, Krip Hop Nation, SFBayview Newspaper. All ComeUnities welcome to walk with us/co-sponsor/pray and/or speak. 

COVID Protocol will be followed. Masks provided and social distancing adhered to.

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