An Asian elder povertyskola Speaks and Teaches on antiAsian violence

admin_general - Posted on 01 April 2021

By Momi Palapaz

suckers for white supremacy will always deny the unity of people of color.  white supremacy needs you to divide and conquer. Yes, i have been called JAP, CHING CHONG CHINAMEN, GOOK, SLANT EYES, SLANTED PUSSY. I HAVE BEEN mistaken for Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and whatever ignorant people think we Asian Americans are.  THAT IS RACIST, HATEFUL, SEXIST, DIVIDE AND CONQUER GOAL OF THE MENTALITY OF WHITE SUPREMACY.  WHEN some person of color says that Asians have NEVER STOOD BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY, YOU ARE NOT INVOLVED IN JUSTICE.  It may not make mainstream, Channel 7 news, but don't underestimate the power of Asian Americans and the fight for justice OF ALL PEOPLE.  Historically we have all  been oppressed by the same system that kidnapped and enslaved African people.  This is the same white supremacy system that invaded the Philippines under the Manifest Destiny program.  Japanese, Okinawans, Filipinos, Puerto Ricans were the next population to be enslaved after so called emancipation proclamation.  My ancestors were part of migration to farm for corporation like Dole Pineapple in Hawaii, farmland up and down California, work at Birdseye in New Jersey, after leaving a concentration camp in Utah.  Then to be attacked for being farmers who knew how to grow food.  Muhammed Ali, said, "no Vietnamese ever called me a nigger". and that light went off to expose the racist imperialist greed of the USA.  White supremacy, cuts up the countries all over the world and portions it out to its white supremacist cronies and suckers in people of color to collude, murder, rape and control communities, towns, cities, nations and the world.  DONT BE A SUCKER FOR WHITE SUPREMACY. STAND UP FOR EACH OTHER, ALL COLORS. CONFRONT YOURSELF AND RACISM.


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