A Model for Everyone - Family Council at Deecolonize Academy-

Tiny - Posted on 31 July 2020

Hello my name is Amir Cornish, and I’m from West Oakland. Family Council is a meeting that solves problems that we have with each other. The organization doesn't involve the police because they don’t solve problems.


Family council is an organization run by Aunties, Uncles, Grandpas and Grandmas. This is a community that solves problems within an organization called Homefulness. I have been in many of these family councils.


I even had a family council about me because a friend wrote something bad about me and we had to have a family council to resolve this problem with me and this friend. Some feelings were said and I was kind of relaxed because we got this problem out the way. 


I felt safe in family council because we solve the problem and we were back to being friends. And sometimes in family council things don't go as well as we thought, but some parts are solved. 


Family council is a model for other people too. We are trying to show examples to the world that we do not need cops to be involved  in solving problems that we could solve within the community. 


Tiny is the person who created family council for the organization, and family council involves youth and families. I learn so much from these family councils as a student and as a community member. Being in these meetings, I have changed. These meetings are hard to be in but it's worth it .


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