Landlord Harasses, Bullies and Serves Illegal Notices on Oakland Tenants in a Global Pandemic and Eviction Moratorium

Tiny - Posted on 21 April 2020

In the Middle of the Covid19 Pandemic and a state and county-wide Eviction Moratorium - A Landlord Harasses, Bullies and Serves Illegal Notices on Oakland Tenants.
"Raj Properties has given several tenants 3 day notices and threatened to tow cars from tenants legal parking spots, its why we launched a rent strike," said long-time tenant and Oakland resident Momi P.
While people locally and globally struggles with a shelter in place mandate -- and the massive loss of work, abusive landlords like Raj Properties continue to operate as though there are no laws and protections in place for tenants. 
Since March of 2020 The County of Alameda and the State of California have eviction moratoriums in place to protect tenants  just like the 37 units at 3080 Richmond  
Background on the Tenants of 3080 Richmond, Oakland
Raj properties are guilty of illegal harassment of these tenants, and with this struggle 3080 Richmond joins other working class, Black and Brown tenants across Oakland who have faced harassment from landlords who refuse to follow the laws put in place to protect tenants, said Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia, formerly homeless, legal advocate and co-founder of POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE and Homefulness- a homeless peoples. "These tenants are sheroes and heroes, " Lisa Tiny concluded.
The tenants have officially decided to transform this abuse into a rent strike, joining another group of tenants and Moms4Housing in refusing to accept the abuse and harassment of predatory, capitalist greed for profit over their human and civil rights as tenants in the State of California 
Statement from the Tenants
RAJ PROPERTIES, our landlord, is being especially vicious during this time. We need your support to help stop the harassment from Raj properties. The city of Oakland has passed a rent moratorium, yet Raj Properties is ignoring it! They are using scare tactics to intimidate those who cannot afford it. They are violating the moratorium by putting “3-day notice” of evictions, threats to tow cars, and even increasing monthly rents. Tenants are having to borrow money from family, take out loans, go without food, etc. because Raj has no respect for its tenants and clearly functions unethically. 
The tenants are asking for support from politicians and community to stand with them in this rent strike and for all landlords to stop harassing tenants in this time of Covid19 
POOR Magazine is a poor and indigenous people-led movement creating media , education, art, advocacy and solutions for low and no-income and homeless youth , adults and elders locally and globally.
Tenants at 3080 Richmond and their advocates, other homeless and formerly homeless advocates at POOR Magazine/Homefulness and other organizations plan to hold a Zoom Press Conference on Monday, April 27 @ 3pm- and then plan a follow-up action on MayDay- they are asking for widespread support and organizations and individuals to sign on- If you are willing or able to co-sponsor or help please email
Please -Join Zoom Press Conference with this link on April 27th at 3pm

Meeting ID: 943 235 2233 



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