Roofless Radio Deep East Oakland- Tyan

Tiny - Posted on 01 October 2019

A: My name is Tyan, I'm here from Oakland. Currently I am homeless. How I ended up here, it's a long story. I got drunk one night, and I never went back home. That's cutting to the chase right there. And I tell everybody, alcohol is a gateway to everything else out here. Weed is a gateway to everything else out here. I have a child, 13 years old, I miss dearly. I'm not doing anything to help her right now. I feel terrible. 
Q: Are you experiencing some of the pressure the city putting on you with sweeps?
Today is actually my last day in my encampment. BART came out and gave us 72-hours notices, and tomorrow it's going to be the 72 hours. And I have nowhere to go. I've called 211, and it's like a fictitious thing. Someone's getting paid to answer the phone, and that's about it. It is a runaround. 211 does nothing to help my situation. 
I work. I start a new job tomorrow, thank God for that, as a detailer. However, I have nowhere to go. I may be back sleeping in my car again. I come out of a tent. I kept my area clean. My area, you know. And I helped a lot of people along the way, because I got a lot of help along the way. I got a really great friend I met, right out here one day at the Homeless Coalition thing. Mr. Steven Texera. He's a great guy, he's been helping me out. 
Q: One of the things we as houseless folks are doing is building Homefulness, which is a homeless people's solution to homelessness. Basically, we're saying, give us our own land to steward, to lift up, and we can build our own. How does that sound to you?
A: That is a great idea. Tiny, I pray the Lord that you spearhead that. That you can take the control and the reins, you be the CEO of that. And I'll be your elbow-rubber. You seem like the perfect person for that.
Q: That's what's up. 
A: Signing out, brother Ty. I need help. 


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