Wealth-Hoarders Listen/Learn & Collaborate with Poor/Unhoused/Indigenous People to Launch a Reparations Bank

Tiny - Posted on 08 September 2019

People with Race, Class and/or Formal education privileges collaborate with unhoused /indigenous/bordered poor people to launch a "fund" of reparations at 11am

The Bank of Come-Unity Reparations is a poor/indigenous people-informed- truly ComeUNITY held fund of Radically  redistributed Hoarded/Inherited/Occupied/Stolen wealth and resources on this Occupied Land.- ( Read more about the "Bank" here)


"As poverty Skolaz we have been teaching/sharing/loving these young folks with race and class privileges into degentrification and decolonial moves since 2009, this is the time to bring this to the world" said  Aunti Frances Moore, Black Panther, Poverty Skola and co-founder of the Bank of Come-Unity Reparations. 


This fund has already been activating/enacting/implementing the liberation of Blood-Stained Dollars into Love-stained dollars on occupied Turtle Island and beyond since 2009 when the Revolutionary Change Session convened resulting in the formation of the powerFULL Solidarity family of POOR Magazine.", said Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia, co-founder of Homefulness and the Bank of Come-Unity Reparations 


The Solidarity Family is a small group of revolutionary folks with different forms of race, class and/or formal education privilege that have been radically redistributing enough resources to support literally over 100 poor mamaz, elders and children who are in extreme struggle with poverty, homelessness, eviction, displacement, incarceration, and disability. The fund has also enabled the liberation of Mama Earth by buying and then un-selling the small part of Mama Earth in deep east Huchuin ( Oakland) us landless/homeless people call Homefulness  at 8032 BlackArthur


This powerFULL work might seem like dreams, or ideas or hopes or visions and they are - but they are also real and so far mamaz rents have been paid, PGE have been covered, motels and hospital bills and dental care has been acquired with the liberated funds of the Bank of Community Reparations. 


"We are limited at this moment  only by membership of Radical Redistributors, but know that unlike the US mythologies of wite- terror, scarcity  greed and its Colonial Poverty Project to keep most of us indigenous, Black/Brown and working class peoples landless, poor, incarcerated and /or in struggle- there is in fact enough for all of us. And so we invite you to join with your blood-stained dollars to make the radical support possible for as many peoples as need it in these increasingly terrifying times of scarcity, hate and Mama Earth's destruction, " excerpt of manifesto for change by POOR Magazine.


The Bank of Come-UNITY Reparations should not be confused with African Peoples Reparations and Japanese peoples reparations moves is rooted in interdependence - i am connect to you because you and i are both human and therefore I cannot perpetrate the violent act of Looking away", as co-founder of Homefulness and poverty skola Tiny - Lisa Gray-Garcia says , 


These visions, ideas and actions are informed by Mama Dee, Tiny and fellow Poverty/Indigenous/Disability Skolaz using the wisdom of 527 years of struggle, incarceration, criminalzation and colonization in their own text book- called the Poverty Scholarship Book- 


And so we invite you to witness, join/activate or just be in this poor people-led liberation movement  in all the troubling, CONfusing/Terrifying/degentriFUKINg/Decolonizing/Covert & Overt ways this all even means in the US and all of Occupied Mama Earth.


In addition to an all nations ceremony for the release and transformation of blood-stained dollars into love-stained dollars we will also be sharing the findings of homeless and formerly homeless youth and elders who created the Hoarding Mama Earth report which advocates and proposes to un-sell the thousands of vacant parcels of Mama Earth so that unhoused families can build their own Homefulness projects.


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