Left behind in Tech Privelege land

Tiny - Posted on 05 September 2019

Audrey Candy Corn

I really hate not being computer savvy. Often I feel like I'm left behind. The world is supposed to be at my fingertips. This is my generation, we are the techies of today. Unfortunately I don't have that privilege. Somehow I got left behind.

I remember being introduced 2 the Apple then the Mac. I remember a strange device called a mouse attached to a keyboard a few years later. I remember being confused not understanding the difference between the monitor screen and the Brain which actually was the computer, three different devices all wrapped up into one.

I guess from the beginning I've always been confused. Perhaps this is what created blocks in my brain causing me not to retain updated information in regards to learning about computers and its functionality.

I recall being introduced in elementary to the big block Square family. I remember going into the library and being given short amounts of time to get familiar with these devices.

Dean Cain Junior High. We were supposed to by this time know how to use them or be reintroduced to them and for those students who come from truly poverty-stricken communities this would be the first introduction because some schools didn't have the privilege to pretend practice on computers.

The students that had computers in their homes we're familiar. They normally were privileged and not the same color as me.

High School came. By this time you better had known the difference between the Monitor the keyboard the mouse and the Brain you better know how to turn it on you should know how to use Adobe and Microsoft and that was considered the basics.

Well just as I began to catch on finally took me getting to high school to do. So now no one uses these big black squares everyone is using laptops. Oh boy, more modern technology designed for and by my generation. The techies fast paced generation computer Boomers add the Rhythm everything is Fast Pace gigabytes is what rules the computer world I couldn't catch up.

Before I knew it the laptops continue to advance and the cell phones enter the market overtaking what the computer once did with modern technology and cell phones I failed even more behind in times. Soon talking on the telephone would be a thing of the past, using a computer would be a thing of the past, now we text through a device that used to be called a phone but it's a mini computer handheld form of communication and it serves as a computer as well...oh yeah I said that.

And so in conclusion I and finally catching up to speed it's been a long journey but I am determined to not be left behind. I will learn as much as I can. I realize if you don't evolve with the times you get left behind or you have to work twice as hard because everything evolves around computers algorithm and gigabytes.


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