ScamLords Be Scamming While Po Tenants Be Struggling - GentriFUKation Tour 2019

Tiny - Posted on 16 July 2019

ScamLords Be Scamming While Poor Tenants Be Struggling 

A gentriFUKation Tour 
What: Tenants speak about uninhabitable housing, illegal evictions and extreme gentrification in Oakland and release demand of Criminal charges against "scamlords"
When:  5:30pm Monday, July 29th  
Where: 61st & Martin Luther King Bl Oakland in front of the site of the recent illegal eviction of Aunti Frances Moore of North Oakland - ( Followed by a second "tour" stop at Advent Properties in Oakland which caused uninhabitable conditions of another Oakland/Berkeley family) 
"They wonder why there are 43% more homeless folks in Oakland? , said Princess Beverly WIlliams, one of the many Low-income Black /Brown/Indigenous tenants who was displaced from Oakland to Stockton and now is facing eviction in Stockton. To hear long-time community members and struggling tenants Princess Beverly and Vivi T from the action speak on their struggles click here  

Low-income/Very poor & working class tenants all across Oakland are living in substandard living spaces and/or constantly face evictions from the same developers, real estate speculators, who are developing Oakland for the very rich, displacing thousands of people and leading to the mass exodus of Black, Brown, Poor/Working CLass and indigenous long-term residents, who end up in homelessness or out of Oakland completely.
"These Scamlords should face criminal charges for their abuse of tenants, " said Vivi T with POOR Magazine whose family has faced a series of abuses from corporate property management companies who are only buying and selling mama earth for a profit.
In 2014 POOR Magazine /Prensa POBRE presented several landlords with criminal charges under penal code 368 of the Elder abuse law for the eviction of elders like Elaine Turner and Ron Likkers and Iris Canada - "Eviction is Elder and Child Abuse" was their clear claim, only to be refuted by SF district Atty George Gascon who was protecting landlords over people.
"My family and I have nowhere to go, and this abuse is constant, said Sharena Diamond Thomas, one of the tenants whose family just survived near death due to uninhabitable conditions in their section 8 apartment in Oakland.
"Tenants and poverty skolaz will be releasing a series of demands created by the tenants for these scamlords" said Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia- "it is because of this ongoing abuse POOR Magazine homeless and formerly homeless families are working so hard to build the Homefulness land liberation project and lift up the work of the Hoarding Mama Earth report to un-sell Mama Earth and "East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative's plan to create a "land without Landlords.
In addition to releasing the tenants demands, the goal of this event is to support the work of long time tenant advocates like ACCE, Causa Justa and others as well as legislators working on protections for tenants in the Bay Area as well as youth and family poverty skolaz who released POOR Magazine's The Hoarding Mama Earth report which advocates and proposes to un-sell the thousands of vacant parcels of Mama Earth so that unhoused families can build their own Homefulness projects.

Event Co-sponsored by Self-Help Hunger Program, SF Bayview Newspaper, Deecolonize Academy/Homefulness and POOR Magazine
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