Bill “Pill” Cosby and Brett Kavanaughty-by-Nature

Tiny - Posted on 17 October 2018

What does these two men have in common? Both are powerful figures with a lot of money and both MARRIED men have been accused of sexual assault with the result being that Cosby was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison and Kavanaugh was elected to the supreme court. The complexion protection is the one thing that Cosby did not have in his favor but regardless of color, no man has the right to rape a woman.

William Henry Cosby, Jr. was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women over the decades but after a June 2017 mistrial he was only convicted of these allegations against former Temple University employee Andrea Constand and is now serving his sentence. Several of Cosby’s other accusers have filed civil suits and the outcome has not been finalized yet.

Brett Kavanaugh has been sworn in as supreme kkkourt after the retirement of Anthony Kennedy after successfully dodging sexual assault accusations from Christine Blasey Ford that go back to 1982.  Ford was made a mockery of by Trump and by some labeled credible, but her voice and story was said not to be truly heard.


In all this, Trump praised Brett Kavanaugh and his family saying that this country is very proud of them and when it came to his accusers he handled this like the loud-mouthed bully he is thus further convincing the people that the penis can be utilized as an egotistical symbol of power or a weapon of war.

Why didn’t the women speak up sooner?

Fear, guilt, shame and intimidation are strong and understandable reasons a woman doesn’t speak up right away and the worry of no one believing the victim. Many survivors are known not say a word to a soul for years, even decades like in the case of Sally Quinn vs. John Tower, who penned in her memoir “Finding Magic” the attempted rape she survived from a man in power but took years to speak up on it.

As a child survivor I felt ashamed and ruined and even thought Mama schooled me on the rights and wrongs I was caught at the wrong place at the wrong time celebrating a so called friend’s birthday party.  Mama did say- “Do not ever be afraid to tell me when someone hurts you or do something they are not supposed to do.” I asked her “What if they say they’ll hurt you?” She responded “I’ll be on a warpath, so don’t worry about me!” With that boost of confidence from the warrior woman I made sure I would tell any and everything that goes on- even my close friends were comfortable enough to share their hearts and she has saved many lives and spirits with her fierceness and blamed no one.

Let’s bring all the world’s rapists to injustice, yeah?


Mother Africa is being raped every single day of her people and resources, children forced into prostitution are being raped and broken and Mother Nature is constantly robbed and raped of her land and water but no one gives this fact a thought because money and wickedness rules everything for the time being. There should be no statute of limitations when it comes down to any crimes against humanity and no man, regardless of his social status or nationality should be above the law, but one asks “whose law”? Because obviously some men are rewarded for their treachery and brutality under the rule of wite (non)supremacy.


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