From Deportations to Reparations- An Emergency Call for Farm Sanctuaries and Ag-Reparations Fund

Tiny - Posted on 23 March 2018

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia

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Daughters and suns crying, hardworking fathers and mothers lurched from their children’s arms, families stolen, babies traumatized . Oranges dying on the trees, grapes shriveling up, un-picked, un-gathered and uncared. All of these acts of violence against mama earth and her earth peoples happening because the hard workers, the migrante indigenous labor that the multi-billion dollar farm industry relies on to pick , care and distribute its products are being deported across the hate-filled colonizer borders. Borders created, enabled and enacted by the forefathers of the farm industry families themselves. To this violent paradox i propose an emergency form of Ag-Reparations and Farm Sanctuaries. 

No matter how you say it reparations is Everything. its mere consonants make most middle class wite people shudder, extreme wealth-hoarders silent, and politricksters of all stripes shut down. And yet it, i will repeat, is everything. In the case of the use, theft and profit that fuels a stolen capitalist system launched by what i affectionately call the “Stealing Fathers” there are direct through lines between enslaved bodies, indentured bodies, indigenous bodies and poor bodies to the wealth-hoarding, land and resources stealing and accumulation of the very rich and even the middle class in amerikkklan.

In our 21st century reality there are different kinds of reparations and radical redistribution that must be enacted. These are acts of conscious reparations and revolutionary redistribution- in other words what must be enacted is an actual “sharing economy” rather than the fake uber-lyft-google-face-crak sharing of basically nothing)

These acts of radical redistribution and real sharing are what I have deemed Community Reparations. it is rooted in the concept of inter-dependence and the recognition that we are all connected as humans and all need each other to be ok, and unlike the fake and inhumane notion of Independence that the Stealing Father gangsters called the declaration of Independence and other associated documents, Interdependence states that i am connected to you because you and i are both human, because i see you, you and i have a responsibility to each other and i can no longer practice what i call “ the Violent Act of Looking Away,” This form of inter-dependence, radical redistribution and Community reparations is what we teach people with different forms of race, class and formal education privilege in POOR Magazine;s PeopleSkool. It is what funded and helped to implement the poor and indigenous people-led movement called Homefulness.

These acts of radical redistribution look like POOR Magazine’s Solidarity Family and the Zapatistas (EZLN) Comite Apoyo (Support Committee) both of whom alternately use their multiple “paper” privileges (academic papers/letters/ so-called “citizen papers” or documents”, deeds of trust claiming they own land and credit) to support, lift-up, launch and leverage with us folks who have none or maybe only one torn piece of that paper.

Homefulness was not launched with bloodstained dollars alone, any one of our Solidarity family will tell you that its developing horizontal magic of poverty skolaz working along-side folks with race, class and/or formal education privilege came from peoples whose families know someone who knows someone from years of wite privilege and unseen academic privileges and connections speaking up for us in the permit departments, helping unconnected poor people without a pot to piss in , get credit so we could get new or decently working vehicles, helping us meet people in the annals of settler colonizer real estate snake halls and meeting other folks with hoarded and/or stolen wealth so we could teach them about reparations and redistribution.

As a matter of fact, most of this work is rooted in deep relationship building, which only comes if one person truly shares gifts they were blessed with due to 525 years of white supremacy and insitutional and community power and paper privilege.

In this moment with literally thousands of indigenous peoples crossing the kolonizers borders due to poverty, violence, genocide and war, being threatened with removal, more violence, incarceration and family separation, I am putting out a formal call for the multiple paper privileged among us to practice this form of reparations.

For the conscious people who engage in the farming industry, who work really hard to create an organic, GMO-free product, who try to conserve water, use safe or non-toxic fertilizer, who are trying to, as their marketing campaigns state, stand up for Mama Earth and her earth peoples could create a farm based coalition to stand up for migrant workers who pick their products and without whom there is no working , thriving farm system.

It is for this reason i call out to the farm peoples, the agri-business owners, and lobbyists and even to the community gardeners to create a different coalition to stand up to the Trumpkkklown with your multiple paper privileges and say hell no to the poltricksters and the Po-L- ICE To create multiple Sanctuary Farms across CalifAztlan, deeming your private property (which is privileged more than anything else in amerikkklan aka stolen Turtle Island, thanks to the Stealing Fathers documents, and say no Po-=L-ICE you can’t come on this land and steal, abuse, displace and remove humans ( aka deportation)

There is a similar case i make for the TechReparationsFund, which I put out to conscious members of the Tech industry, last month in our powerFUL Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour thru SillyCon Valley to realize the direct impact of your industry on the lives and homes of working class, poor communities of color in the Bay Area like 100 year old black Elder Iris Canada, killed by the abuse of unlawful eviction,  so pay into a fund that supports the building of equity for working class poor, black and brown Bay Area residents so they can stay here.

In the end none of these acts of reparations, and actual sharing can happen without the moves of privileged people, but my argument is that in these times the moves of conscious peoples with privilege aka different forms of Community reparations such as the Bank of Community Reparations,  and the recent move by Planting Justice to reparate their Ohlone/Lisjen Land to Ohlone /Lisjen peoples of this land (Oakland) are what must happen now - meanwhile us unhoused, Po, criminalized and indigenous folks at Homefulness who are actively wrking to liberate this small part of Mama Earth from the Real Estate Snakkke industry while also publicly naming Homefulness as Sanctuary land, and Sogorea Te Land Trust, the 1st Native Women owned land trust can create our own self-DeterminATION movements of land, resources liberation and decolonization across stolen Mama Earth.

For more information on this proposal or for help launching either the TechReparationsFund or the AgReparations/ Farm Sanctuaries email For mroe information about the next session of PeopleSkool go to


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