Revenge of the Rich

Tiny - Posted on 06 July 2017









Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Bad News Bruce can be seen participating in the die-in just to the right and behind where the motorcyclist plowed through the protesters.


About three weeks ago on a rally against Donald Trump's cuts to health care, I almost got killed. Let me explain it in terms that even the rich can understand.


Let me explain about the main villain in this piece. For a man that is supposed to have graduated from college, and supposed to be a Master of Industry, Donald Trump is missing a few faculties upstairs. Out of the five points that is needed to be classified insane (you only need three out of these five points to be classified) Donald Trump has all five points. His knowledge of science is very limited and is the equivalent to a kid watching Sesame Street. As an example, cruise ships are booking tours on the North West Passage that is usually closed 12 months out of the year, big land masses like Greenland has defrosted three times last year -- and he’s denying that there is climate change. As a business man his companies went bankrupt 12 times. Including a casino. As the so called leader of the free world, he would have trouble leading a group of men into a Cathouse. He is using scapegoats like Undocumented Migrants; people of the Islamic Faith that live mainly in the Middle East. the poor and destitute; people of color and the disabled and the elderly. Just like the tyrannical leader of the 30’s and 40’s Adolph Hitler. One of these practices got this author the view from his street eye level of a motorcycle wheel.


Trumps idea of health care is something out of the Medieval Period. Something out of Circa 1125 AD to 1420 AD during the Feudal Periods. Where the masses of the poor weak treated by unskilled surgeons. This is the type of health care that Trump and the Republican leadership would put on the poor, disabled and the elderly. One hundred percent of the rest of the developed countries have universal health care. How comed we don’t?


This story begins with me, Bad News Bruce covering a rally against Trump and the Republican’s health plan. It was sponsored by California Alliance of Retired Americans’; San Francisco’s Labor Council; Senior and Disability Action, and a group of doctors and the California Nurses Union and a group of other concerned citizens. As a good reporter I did my homework. While using the Block Grant each person on Medi-Cal will only have $5,000.00 per person per year for medical expenses. A tax of 1% should be placed on any person or company making over $1,000,000.00 per year. That would replace all medical expenses for the country. That means that health insurance companies would not have to exist. That would make the insurance companies go away like using leeches in medicine.


In the rally, after chanting and singing and hearing from the usual windbags, we did the die-in as a reporter of POOR we support and report. This old fart laid down on the ground and held my tombstone up on the last row. After five minutes I heard a motorcycle behind me going the wrong way down a one way street. I thought this imbecile was just going to play chicken. Being a crazy Scotsman I thought, I’m not going to move either. As I was trying to get up off the ground, I turned my head-he missed my nose about a quarter of a inch. It was actually a few seconds. It felt like it was one hour. I could see each spoke of the wheel. It felt like a cheap horror movie in 3-D.


Next week we returned to the same location (7th and Mission Streets) This time the demonstrators and especially the police were blocking the streets. The demonstrators were twice the amount they were last week. This reporter wimped out and did not lie in the street. I supported them from the sidewalk.


Bad News Bruce singing off.  


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