Youth Skolaz Say Don't Evict 100 year Old Black Elder from her home of 50 years -Iris Canada

Tiny - Posted on 10 October 2016

Poor Magazine/Deecolonize Academy

Conscious Youth Skolaz from Deecolonize Academy Say Don't Evict 100 Year Old Black Elder From her Home of 50 Years.

See their Video Pleas on PNN-TV:

PNN-TV-Dont Evict 100 yr old Black elder #2 

PNN-TV-Dont Evict Iris Canada from her home #5 

PNN-TV: Don't Evict 100 yr old Black resident Iris

Canada from her home 

PNN-TV-Dont Evict Iris Canada-Youth Skola 

PNN-TV-Dont Evict 100 yr old Grandmother 


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