Black August Assassination of 'Yogi' Hugo Pinell O.G. Soledad Brother August 12 2015 // Notes from the Inside

Tiny - Posted on 13 June 2016

O.G. Activist Freedom Fighter and Revolutionary Hugo Pinell “Yogi” was just assassinated at New Folsom. O.G. Yogi was The Black Dragon Comrade “SASA” George L. Jackson, the original Soledad Brother. O.G. Yogi was a San Quentin Six and comrade to the struggle’s behind enemy lines. The pigs set him up and used their agents to hit the old man who just did 42 years in the hell of solitary confinement.

The California Department of Corruption pigs just did a major search of the yard at B-Facility, so how did these agents get butcher knives to stab O.G. Yogi to death? I’m now on B-Yard and we at war, the pigs and their agents have agreed to kill and assassinate any Black Afrikan at will. Yogi was protected by the African population and the pigs will strip us butt naked to be defenseless all the while their agents got butcher knives to kill us off. WE ARE AT WAR.

Contact Dr. Voodoo ASAP Come visit me if I’m still alive- Kill or be killed- Uhuru SASA

John Keller #H52472, B-5-115, PO Box 290066, Represa California 95671


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