Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Redistribution, Decolonization & Community Reparations Tour for Mama Earth and its Earth peoples launched on Earth Day

Tiny - Posted on 11 April 2016

Fri, 04/22/2016 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Redistribution, Decolonization & Community Reparations Tour for Mama Earth and its Earth peoples launched on Earth Day

When & Where: 1pm at the below dates & locations
1) 1pm San Francisco (Yelamu-Ohlone Land): Earth Day Friday, April 22nd- Meet at the corner of Hyde & Union streets

2) Oakland (Huchuin-Ohlone Land) Friday, May 20th location TBA

3) June (date & location TBA) Los Angeles
"I am walking for Luis Gongora Pat who was killed by SFPD because he was displaced from his apartment, he was unhoused, and he was Brown ...said Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia, author of Criminal of Poverty Growing Up Homeless in America and co-founder of POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE

Walking in humiility and prayer with guidance from ancestors from all four corners of corporate destroyed Mama Earth, UnHoused, working -class, Black, Brown  and indigenous peoples who were stolen, enslaved , bordered and/or indentured for profit so that Turtle Island could become the colonial project known as "the United Snakes of Ameriica, as well as displaced, houseless, working poor people who are currently under attack from high-speed gentrification, environmental racism, hyper -apartheid-like incarceration, police terror, extreme displacement and anti-immigrant policies to name a few, are hereby embarking on a stolen land redistribution, Decolonization and reparations tour across the US to heal Mama Earth and all of her Earth Peoples

"Its important for Ohlone People to be part of this movement as we are unrecognized in our own land, and suffered the first form of gentrification aka colonization, had our languages and cultures stolen and are now displaced in our own ancestral lands," said Corrina Gould, Ohlone land warrior and co-founder of the Sogorea Te Land Trust,the only Native woman owned land trust in the US
The Nation-wide tour which launches in San Francisco on "Earth Day" will be led by "Poverty Skola" Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia and fellow Race, Disability, Indigenous Skolaz from POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE, Leroy Moore from Krip Hop Nation and 1st Nations Ohlone Warrior Corrina Gould.

The tour is loosely based on the Bhoodan Movement of India launched by Vinoba Bhave who walked through India asking wealthy "land-owners" to gift their land to landless peoples. With a similar vision, this small group of landless and indigenous peoples being hit the hardest by displacement and gentrification will be Intentionally crossing the invisible and visible lines between the land and resource hoarders aka the very rich and the victims of generations of white supremacy, theft, colonization, criminalization, racism, eugenics and silencing, aka the very poor. 

We homeless, working-class, disabled and 1st Nations people are peacefully crossing the visible and invisible lines that separate us poor folks from the "very rich" to ask them to begin the healing, change-making, process of decolonizing, redistributing and reparating their stolen and/or hoarded, inherited wealth and/or land ," Concluded Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia

As we humbly and peacefully walk into "wealthy" neighborhoods across the "U.S.", we will be offering land and stolen resource hoarders a chance to begin the very serious work of Decolonization by redistributing one or more of their hoarded and bordered stolen indigenous territory, buildings, homes, stocks, bonds, cash or trust funds to landless and indigenous people in the form of what we call Community Reparations. Alternatively, if people are unwilling or unable to redistribute their stolen or hoarded wealth, we will be asking land-stealers and/or wealth-hoarders to begin an active  dialogue on the concept of Community Reparations, Decolonization and Redistribution with us, the most impacted, the landless peoples, the very poor and colonized.

Two models that UnHoused and 1st Nations folks are presenting is the poor people-led self-determined movement called Homefulness in Deep East Oakland (Huchuin Ohlone Land) as well as launch Homefulness movements in every city where unhoused and 1st Nations people dwell as well as the Sogorea Te Land Trust which is a Native Woman run land trust based in the land of the 1st peoples who lead it.

In addition to these two models as we tour through other cities across Turtle Island for other cities across the US we will be asking for descendents of settler colonizers to redistribute their excess or hoarded wealth or stolen land to 1st Nations people of the City they "own" land in or to support the launching of Homefulness models in that city or town for unhoused poeple. We will be asking people with more than one house, condo or space or more money than than they need to live on are to ask for redistribute these resources to the very poor and  unhoused peoples in Huchuin, Yelamu, Los Angeles, New York and beyond.

"One of the ways we can talk about people giving reparations is to give to the Sogore Te land trust one of the only Native- women -run land trust", said Corrina Gould

Roots of Community Reparations and Decolonization
Community Reparations (not to be confused with African Peoples Reparations) is rooted in interdependence, i.e. i am related to you because you are human, therefore i cannot walk past you sleeping on the street, being evicted from your home, ancestral land or sacred site, your survival and thrival is connected to mine. Community Reparations is a concept that must happen for us all as earth peoples to continue to survive together on Mama Earth. Community Reparations is a concept created by poverty skolaz in residence at PeopleSkool at POOR Magazine and is taught to folks with different forms of race, class or formal education privilege at PeopleSkool 

Decolonization is- recognition of history of occupation & Indigenous genocide that Euro/settler societies have been built on. This is not simply rhetorical; it is an indisputable truth that settlers that brought stolen people to stolen land, in fact, already occupy this land. In order to change all injustices U must resist the very structure every injustices are based on. Decolonization can’t just be a thought; it must be put into action, cuz words/theory often ignore the reality/pluralism that exists in our societies.  Understand that the police & laws are part of a system that is anti-poor, anti-women, anti-people of color, anti-queer & anti-people with disabilities.   Vinia R. Castro from the Decolonizers Guide to a Humble Revolution

From Ojibwe Territory to Ohlone Land, Turtle Island, settler colonizers, missionaries, and their , land destroying policies,laws and legislations and descendents throughout the centuries have been stealing and hoarding Mama Earth ( calling it  real estate/property) stealing resources and calling it utitilities, products, stealing and incarcerating stolen people and stealing culture, languages, spirit, art and sacred land, traditions and our children's minds and calling it education, for generations since the lie of discovery.

Because of the violence of these original and ongoing lies, theft, laws and the system that protects them and the perpetrators of the crimes, African, Migrant/Indigenous people, disabled, low-income and working class people from all four corners of Mama Earth struggle to survive, stay housed, healthy, safe and alive literally under attack everyday.

Our First Tour will be in California -

Our First tour stop of five cities in California will be in Yelamu Ohlone Land aka San Francisco, which although considered one of the richest cities in the world has one of the highest rates of eviction of elders and families, one of the highest rates of unhoused people living on the street and considered one of the meanest cities in terms of criminalizing laws to unhoused people, recently dismantling, removing and trashing hundreds of peoples "tent cities" from the streets.


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