Weather Modification: Lockdown of Working Class People/ Notes from the Inside

Tiny - Posted on 19 November 2015

Editors Note: Andre Rosemond is one of several power-FUL PNNPlantation prison correspondents. As currently and formerly incarcerated poor and indigenous peoples in struggle and resistance with all plantation systems in Amerikkka, POORMagazine stands in solidarity with all folks on the other side of the razor wire plantation.

I want you to have a future! Please read and share this information with law enforcement officers worldwide with ranks of corporals, sergeants, lieutenants and captains.

Please see Weather Modification in World Book Encyclopedia for rainmaking, defense news Sep 26 1994. For space shuttle weather engineering and associated Press article in Evansville Courier Sep 10 1994. U.S. Space Shuttles utilized for weather engineering. Global Warming and Climate Change is a myth. The elites learned to clone. They also learned to manipulate the weather. Weather modification is big business for the elites. The elites own the weather control technology. Lockdown working class people. See link below on for related information. The U.S. laws and U.S policies are on this website. Much more info later.


Andre Rosemond

386 Redemption Way 353806

McCormick, SC 29899-9000 USA








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