Homeless, Disabled, Elders, Families and Youth of color release Multiple Studies on the Dangerous Impact of Broken Windows Theory

Tiny - Posted on 22 September 2015

Homeless, Disabled, Elders, Families and Youth of color release Multiple Studies on the Dangerous Impact of Broken Windows Theory

Poor, Disabled, Elders, Families and Youth release an extensive multi-year "WeSearch" study on the failure, harm, abusive impact and danger of Broken Windows Theory andPolicing. 

What: Press Conference and Release of WeSearch Findings and Authors of the Multi-Year Study

When: 12pm, Wed, Sept 30th

Where: Marriot Marquis Hotel at 780 Mission street San Francisco


"After over a decade of Downtown Business Associations, Business Improvement Districts and private policing of our poor, disabled and bodies of color resulting in our abuse, harassment, arrest and even death we decided we must launch an extensive study to demonstrate the failure of Kelings "Broken Windows" theory," claims the WeSearch policy group who launched the study.

On September 30th, at the Marriot Hotel, the site of the 61st Annual International Downtown Association Conference, Houseless, disabled, poor experts and scholars will release a series of extensively researched multi-year studies on the impact of Business Improvement Districts and Broken Windows policing. 

Due to Kellings theory, and the support and implementation promoted by the Intl Downtown Business Associations(IDA) and Business Improvement Districts(BID) thousands of poor and houseless people have died. The WeSearch Policy Group have launched this study with the hopes of stopping more poor people from dying.

"Our studies will reveal the extreme abuse to poor people that Kelling and the BID's cause, said Bruce X, poverty scholar and co-investigator with the WeSearch Policy Group.
Our homelessness, our incarceration and our eventual removal as poor people, as disabled people, as people of color has been used for profit by Kelling for a theory rooted in our extermination, said Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia, Poverty Scholar and author of Criminal of Poverty, Growing Up Homeless in America

This event is co-sponsored by  POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE, is a poor people-led, indigenous people-led grassroots, non-profit, arts organization dedicated to providing media access, art, education and direct advocacy to communities in poverty locally andglobally, the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper and Manilatown Heritage Foundation-


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