My thoughts on The Human Genome Project

Phillip Standin... - Posted on 16 December 2014

According to my personal study of medical research that has caused me trauma made me write and study the mind. I read an article about the human genome it stated that "On June 26, 2000, the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium announced the production of a rough draft of the human genome sequence. In April, 2003, the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium is announcing an essentially finished version of the human genome sequence." Basically they are trying to clone people in the name of cell research.

The Genome Project is dealing with the brain and how it functions for different people to studying how certain genes run through families. This version, which is available to the public, provides nearly all the information needed to do research using the whole genome. Just for the people who do not know what a genome is it is a scientific word describing genes and the way the mind works. Poor people are victimized in the name of health research and discovering genes.

The difference between the draft and finished versions is defined by coverage, the number of gaps and the error rate. The draft sequence covered 90 percent of the genome at an error rate of one in 1,000 base pairs, but there were more than 150,000 gaps and only 28 percent of the genome had reached the finished standard. In the April 2003 version, there are less than 400 gaps and 99 percent of the genome is finished with an accuracy rate of less than one error every 10,000 base pairs. The differences between the two versions of the genome are significant for scientists using the sequence to conduct research. During these years of practice I thought about how they may be able to go in and pick the brain cells that cause mental health issues, cancer issues, autism etc.

When the genome study started it became extremely popular, because everybody wants to be healthy and if we can negate certain genes out of our body to keep certain discrepreicnes away then I am for it. But sometimes people have the wrong intent and will offer money to test people like guinea pigs. I thought about the incident that happened in the sixties during the civil rights movement when they gave people what they consider an STD these days. Or how scientists make up diseases and give the medicine to people for what they made. Aids is another example because a lot of people say it came from Africa, from my personal research it is proclaimed to be a man made disease that killed billions of people. I just wanted to  write about the genome project, because I thought about mental illness and if they can actually stop it from running in a family. My illness is genetic just like diabetes and I think it is important for people to take into consideration to further their knowledge on testing vaccinations and everything attached. Its scary now in America because sometimes diseases become epidemics, but the genome project is research that will hopefully be a positive thing.


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