The Willie Lynch Laws are Still on the Rise

Tiny - Posted on 07 October 2014

Leotyne Smith/PNN Correspondent

October 7. 2014

I have heard a lot about the Willie Lynch Speech before, but I never read it myself. I am a person who loves to read but all I read about is spiritual books or what people call self-motivation books.

I just read a book called The Golden Ticket. It was about a marriage when the woman almost died, and the husband went on a special journey, seeing images of his life, and what made him neglect his growth as a human being. The ticket he received was a new life after experiencing horror from his past, and being able to be a better husband. My point is he got a chance to change his life after his visions.

I read another book about the way Willie Lynch made a man into a slave in the West Indies and sent him to the United States. In his speech he taught a lesson on how to keep a person a slave for the next three hundred years. He made slaves hate other slaves simply because of a lighter skin tone, and he would do psychological things to limit their ability to one day become independent in our own country. I sincerely believe the tactics he used worked, but nobody can stop your progress as a person.

I talked about the Willie Lynch Speech because it proves why African people went through the most hell. Being that we were lynched, raped, trained by having women train the man to look worthless and non providable, because the slave master would break the women from looking to their husbands and instead to the slave master. A lot of youth today do not study these things for history.

Talking about the Willie Lynch Speech might seem far off a subject for direct student loans, but I thought about his determination to keep people oppressed for three hundred years. Student aid loans are a set up for our people to fail, and college teaches you to work for someone else rather than owning properties amongst ourselves. I sincerely believe we can work as one together, but I think this mental breakdown has passed three hundred years. Physically we are free but mentally a lot of people aren’t. Or it is hard to accept our history once we learn about the slaves, the Willie Lynch Speech. Even caucasians were brutally damaged. Irish people were calld ni... all the time when they migrated to the south. In college you go to school for money and end up in debt.

Another anecdote is now loans are going to be established like disability. Either you qualify and only get a certain amount for some years, but it used to last til you were done with college. I stayed in college for nine years, now they have it to if you fail classes twice your financial aid gets cut and you’re put out based on what they call "progress probation", coupled with "academic probation", and now they even cut your money if you are not enrolled in a certain amount of units (classes).

In news room I felt emotional, because all the youth are growing in a good direction breaking down the slave mentality and taking off mental chains from self, others, and from history. If they are making school so hard to survive, our youth might not survive through college but they may become victims in jail. That is why I stress school as a foundation because an elderly person told me someone can take everything from you but they cannot take your education and your spirit. Furthermore I think DEEconolize Academy has to prepare youth for every problem they may face as far as being stereotyped, classified, or even from homophobia.

I hope oneday we can be a nation that gets along and everything will be fair. Loans and money may hold me down but its okay. I believe in myself that I am making it no matter what. I hope the generation after me will see all of these variables and strengthen through positive learning.


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