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Tiny - Posted on 19 August 2014

Aug 7, 2014

Imagine leaving the hospital after seeing the doctor, and the only thing you have to worry about is, "Do I have food in the refrigerator?" Your hospital care is all taken care of by the government, no matter what it was. Your doctor is paid for and their services are not costing you a dime.
This is not a dream. Ninety percent of the world has this system. All industrial countries have this except for the United States of America. In its place, they have the brutality better known as insurance companies.

You ask someone in a foreign country: "Do you worry about preconditions?" They look at you like you're an idiot. But in this country, your wealth and your insurance coverage tells the doctor what he can do. It's about time that doctors make their own decisions about how best to manage patients' health, and not be strangled by insurance companies that say they can't do things that would help their patients.

So people are afraid of socialized medicine. Socialized medicine is not that bad. Either that or single payer are better systems than what we're used to.

With socialized medicine, you can go to your own doctor and you will not pay a dime. Instead, the doctor will be paid-for, similar to how Medicare pays for seniors. You will not see any bill with a copay: instead you will see a doctor with a smiling face. This doctor will be your own personal doctor and you will not have to go through books of insurance companies like Blue Shield, Kaiser and others that they will not cover your preferred doctor. Also, you will have the right to switch doctors, unlike some insurance companies who dictate which doctors you can and can't see.

This system could only cost you 2 cents of every dollar you earn. And there is not a layer of bureaucracy. The administration of this system would cost 2% compared to the current 30%.

If you receive a message from the Federal Government, asking if you want to do Medicare for All or Single Payer, do not panic. Just pick up the phone and call your Assemblyman or Congressman and say, "Yes, I want Single Payer."

If you are interested in the vision of healthcare described above, phone your Congressman today and you should be happy. Tell them that you would like Medicare for All or Single Payer. If you live in California look up They will be able to answer any questions better than this reporter can.


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