Cease Fire!

Tiny - Posted on 05 August 2014

Aug 5, 2014

Since Barack Obama, the alleged leader of the so-called free world, or any other world leader for that matter, doesn’t have the courage or integrity to do so, I have to take it upon myself to demand an immediate cease fire and direct assistance to the women and children of Palestine. I do this with the only weapon at my disposal: the truth!

I demand that Israel stop all attacks on Palestine immediately.

I humbly ask Hamas to stop (if in fact they are responsible for all rocket attacks into Israel and Israeli settlers in Gaza) to cease fire at least long enough to allow the dead to be buried and the injured to be attended to.

Each day that goes by I cast more and more doubt on the legitimacy of Israel’s claim of aggression they're receiving from Palestine. Israel admits that its initial claim of three Israeli youth being kidnapped and murdered by Hamas was not true, and that they knew this even before the first salvo of missiles were launched into Palestine. Israel's most recent claim was that after years of Hamas terrorist attacks and holding back on retaliation, it grew tired.

The truth is, Hamas has for the last few years curtailed any outward aggression toward Israel, and has in fact arrested violent/militant radicals who attempted attacks on Israel and Israeli settlers in Gaza. Israel promised to return land in Gaza to Palestine and to stop allowing Israeli settlers to continue erecting settlements in Gaza, and went back on both promises.

My appeal to Hamas is to give Israel some benefit of the doubt (which they prove to earn less and less of every day). If in fact Hamas is firing rockets at Israel in response to the massacre (which is like a combination of a death camp and a blitzkrieg [1]), in hopes of bringing Israel’s defenses and morale down like a modern day Goliath, it's important to remember that David didn’t hope to bring Goliath down just like that. He practiced with his sling and had faith in God.

Which is not to say that Hamas doesn’t have faith in God, but as Muhammad instructed his followers, “learn how to shoot, learn how to shoot, learn how to shoot!” Muhammad was of course referring to bows and arrows which would actually be a good tactical weapon to disrupt morale and to surprise attackers in modern warfare.

Confronting Israel with the truth is easy. Expecting a positive response is not very likely, as they have lied from the very beginning.

Israel claims that it reserves its compassion for its own citizens/children. This is a false understanding of compassion and a false claim. Practicing compassion is being kind to someone in a bad situation, whether they "deserve" it or not. Instead, Israel is catering to select citizens' desires to annex more of Gaza so that their lust for land can be filled.

When I see pictures of the broken bodies of children in Gaza, I can not help but be reminded of the emanciated and broken bodies of the youngest Jewish Holocaust victims. When I see a ten-year-old Palestinian girl pleading for her life in an online video in remarkable but highly accented English, I can't help but think of Anne Frank, whose diary was found and published after she was killed in a Nazi concentration camp. When I see the online videos of Palestinian mothers begging and pleading with Israeli soldiers as thier children are ripped from their arms to be beaten, tortured, imprisoned, and murdered, I can’t help seeing images of Jewish mothers going through the same agony.

When confronted with images of mothers weeping at the loss of their children, dying one thousand deaths, burying their own children, each death repeated over and over again, I can't help to think of Jewish mothers during Nazi occupation.

For grandmothers who are survivors they endure twice the burden.

And finally when I think of the young people in South and Central America willing to brave adverse weather conditions across vast deserts in hope of freedom from imminent execution, forced participation in drug gangs, and human trafficking and prostitution, I can’t help think of millions of Jewish children trying to flee Europe to avoid concentration camps and the death ovens, but being refused admittance into the US because America “reserved her compassion for her own children,” and forced the children back into those same death camps.

If Israel the US and the rest of the alleged free world has any compassion they will have no choice but to see the same images I see.

[1] Blitzkreig: lit. "lightening war," a phrase coined during WWII to describe Germany’s massive bombings of civilian populations in Europe.


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