Privatization is Eradication: Calling Conscious Law Firm to help us Change the Conversation

Tiny - Posted on 30 March 2014

As poor, houseless, migrante, indigenous, former and current resident families, elders and disabled residents of public and private housing in the US we have been writing, activating, organizing and living the struggle and oppression of the end of public housing and services as we know it.
As many people already know HUD has been working to end public housing since as far back as the 80's.with Reagan (& even before with policies set by Nixon) and exchange section 8 (paper) with housing, which was never meant to be a guarantee of housing- and in the 90's when it actively began demolishing buildings, to the Great Lie of Hope VI or as we call it in the hood- No Hope VI- Please see the work of our revolutionary partners Western Regional Advocacy Project at for their extensive research on the history of the dismantling of our so-called public housing and its direct relationship to homelessness and the criminalization of the poor.
All that said now we are in the thick of the overt move by HUD and Housing Authority to privatize public housing in several cities across the US with the proposed RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration)  program which proposes to give the "lease" /sell. control of public housing buildings to private developers like Lennar, John Stewart and other non-profit developers. PLEASE see my linked article here Stealing Our Last Acre and Our 1 Remaining Mule
Because of this terrifying situation we the poor, displaced, endlessly evicted, criminalized and incarcerated people are putting a call out to conscious law firms to help us facilitate a class action suit to establish our equity and rights to ownership and control of our housing. We are doing this because its time to change the conversation - we as poor mamaz and children and elders and disabled folks refuse to be endlessly displaced, removed, made houseless and have our resources, our struggle and our resistance taken away from us and/or decided for us.

As many of us have lived in these "public" housing buildings for years and sometimes generations we believe under the Homesteading Act and other precedent setting cases in housing law that we do in fact have e have an argument for our residency and our equity in our homes. .

As well, this proposal comes from an Afro-centric/indigenous peoples movement for self-determination rather than further extermination of our families, elders and youth. Therefore we believe we have established the basis of a solid argument and would like to meet with you or talk with you about it on the phone or via email if you are interested in pursuing this further.

Concurrent to this proposal we are organizing in the multiple housing projects slated for eradication through privatization. There is an urgency as the govt and private developers are selling off our housing and our equity at a clip and we as poor peoples are already being displaced by the thousands.


Please contact us through email at  or by phone at (510) 435-7500 if you would like to discuss this further.


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