Tomorrow-Bedbug FLASH Mob 4 Justice!!!

Carina - Posted on 03 December 2012

Wed, 12/05/2012 - 12:00pm - 12:30pm
1707 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Wednesday, December 5th @ 12noon- High NOON-
@ the Travelodge Motel
Market & Valencia

Wear RED and bring a picture of a bedbug..

Kathy Galves, a 67 year old African Descendent Elder who was foreclosed on and had her home of 40 years stolen by Bank Gangsters known as Wells Fargo on April 12th ended up houseless and began staying in the travelodge motel. For over three months she resided at the Travelodge and paid them several thousand dollars even though she was dealing with a bedbug infestation at the hotel. We at POOR Magazine complained and advocated on her behalf and the motel owner Dave Patel, agreed to compensate her for some of the many thousands of dollars she spent stayiing there while being bitten.

On Saturday, December 1st, the entire amount of $1,821.00 which Dave Patel agreed to refund her (but never did) was withdrawn automatically from her checking account when Ms Galves' social security check was direct deposited into her account. She is now literally penniless and homeless.

Please come out to support this emergency action of Tragic comedy - if you can't make the action please donate to (and note that its for Kathy Galves)




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