Professir X Krippling Christmas Carol for Krip-Hop (A Krip-Hop Kripmas Karole Remix)

Leroy - Posted on 01 December 2012

Professir X

Twas the mic before Kripmas and all through the spot


Every Krip Hopper was rapping the mic they had rocked


The chrome was shining on every wheelchair

In hopes that Krip Nations all over would soon be there


The crowed was just watching their necks bombing heads

While visions of Krip Vixens danced making them sweat


With mirages of Nicki I turned my cap to the back

I rolled up to her and she fell on my lap


When out of the crowd I heard a big scream



Closer to the yelling I rolled to the fans

Tore off my chest strap and dived in their hands


The moon on my face as the passed me like Dro

Once back on the stage I sat lit up with a glow


When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Back comes Nikki Minaj with 8 Halley Berrys around my chair


With me as the driver I hit my joy-stick

Dropped the mic and watched it smoke up the air type thick


More rapid than eagles my verses they came,

As I hollered and shouted calling my Krip Nation by name


Now Jahid, now Pete-Ski, now Skandoe, now Harris

Come Malcolm, call OUTTHERE we meet Leroy in Paris


To the front of the plane, first class we booked

We wrote rhymes, and verses , the chorus and hook


The Stewardess spiked my drink before I sipped it down

The pilot both vixens dressed in all white gowns


Flight took 12 hours and some minutes

6 hours with 1 then 2 before the landing was finished


But then on the runways the tires heard screeching

Masked out the sound of the pilots both screaming


When the bus pulled us in I came through the door

I never let the flight go off course any more


I was dressed in fatigues from my head to foot

Jet lag set in from all that time we took


Mic cord plugged into my battery pack

Over the airport's speakers I started to rap


My voice heard throughout to the baggage check

I nominated Leroy our President


As he came in the spot limousines outside

His Lex, min Cadillac chromed riding side by side


We rode to the tower taking up the streets

Oui Oui ladies yelled c'est la vie


We got  out the limos awaits a red carpet and confetti

Happy New Years they cheered heard all over the city


Leroy plugged in the mic to the tower's intercom

Paris was amazed by this legend phenomenon


A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon gave me to know hip hop wasn't dead


A poet he is and spoke for a while

Had the ladies sitting down Indian style


Pulling out his back pocket a long stem rose

Brought smiles on their face tears dripping of nose


Back to the limos, to the team gave a halla,

Watch the towers light up from night til tomorra


I heard Leroy exclaim, ere we drove out of sight,

Krip Hip Hop to all, and to all a Krip Night


Professir X  of New Jersey USA


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