I Wanna Be a Macho Clam: FREE BRUCE ALLISON!!!

Lola Bean - Posted on 11 October 2012

Lola Bean

Macho Macho Clam….I want to be a macho clam…
Hearing the water splash in my bathtub as Bruce sang this song at the top of his lungs at 6 in the morning is and forever will be one of the happiest moments of my life. Bruce was safe. He was warm. He was happy. And his absolute genius woke me up with a song….

That’s why they want him. That’s why they want to take him away. He knows too much. He means too much. But there’s no one there to protect him. He’s an elder. No one will try to stop us. NO ONE WILL TRY TO STOP US.

I don’t know where I’d be without Bruce Allison. I’d don’t know where any of you would be without Bruce Allison either cuz without him cuz if he wasn’t he the vibration of the earth would be changed so dramatically….the glow would diim so darkly…that I doubt trees would even make oxygen enough for humans to breathe. The world would spin around the moon And water would float uphill. On Spaghetti, the lemonade lakes would watch their rivers flow upstream and the gumball trees would surely turn to peppermint. The Troll that Lives in Golden Gate Park would not sit on the hilltops and gnomes would never have tried to build a Dyson Sphere. Maybe that last one is ok, but that’s another story.

But THEY don’t care about that. The people that want to pretend they’re organizers…pretend their fighting for the homeless….pretend that they are REAL warriors in the struggle….THEY didn’t care about him when they asked him to join their little group. WE’LL GIVE YOU HOMES, NOT JAILS….that’s what they used to do. Not anymore. WE’LL OCCUPY SAN FRANCISCO….but first we must occupy our heads with our own assholes. WE’LL EVEN PLAY ORCHESTRA MUSIC…while the po’lice carry your broke and\or colored ass to jail while we run back to mommy and daddy’s house in the hills. Yes…I’m talking to you!!

I don’t know where San Francisco, the Bay Area, or the country in general would be without Bruce Allison. There are few elders, mentors or youth that have or ever will dedicate themselves so fully and so completely to the revolution, the struggle, social justice, system reform…whatever the hell you wanna call it…than Bruce Allison. Its hard to find one person that has spent more hours in city hall, in shelters, in meetings, in nonprofits, in the streets, than Bruce Allison. He spent 7 years sleeping in a plastic chair in a shelter. He spent years in Vietnam serving his country while they disserved him in the deepest ways. He spent decades as an activist and for the past 6 years he has been my best friend, my Rock. He calls me every day. Multiple times a day. He sings me songs. He tells me jokes when I cry. He has medical conditions that need constant attention. He has physical needs that can’t be attended to on a whim…He cries with me sometimes….

I know I am sobbing as I type these letters and thinking of all the letters I haven’t typed yet for him. I wonder if any of the hAcktivists that got Bruce AKA Uncle Gumball are shedding tears over him. I wonder if they are crying for my revolutionary and epileptic Brother Jeremy Miller. Jeremy, I hope you read this and know I love you. I wonder if they are crying for the other 8 locked up right now.

Macho Macho Clam….I Want To Be a Macho Clam
And for what??? Locked up for what??? Was it to REEEALLY save someone?? Was it REEEALLY necessary???? Was it media attention??? WAS IT YOUR OWN MUTHAFUKKKIN EGOS????

Are you even payin attention?

Folks in the Community like POOR Magazine know that times change. And it don’t change everywhere at the same time in the same way. But these hAcktivists don’t know this shit cuz they haven’t even cut their little soft baby gums with their tiny little apple sauce gnawin teeth yet. They think just because they put on a black hoodie and use the same words as folks in the struggle that means they know something. Yep, you know something alright. YOU KNOW HOW TO PIMP!!!

And I warned him. Bruce they’re just trying to pimp you. I know you’re not AFRAID to get arrested if its important. But you gotta be strategic. This shit aint strategic. It’s a mess. It’s just telling you what you want to hear. I warned him. As his best friend and one of the people privileged enough to get to talk to him every day…I warned him al the time about hangin with those BOUGIE hAcktivists. And I failed him.

I failed Bruce.

The REAL folks know protest laws in New York aint the same as Seattle which aint the Same s San Francisco. The only thing they do have in common is THEY ARE CHANGING FOR THE WORST AND IF THEY HAVEN’T YET, THEY SURE ASS HELL WILL SOON!!! So if you’re planning to get arrested…..for no good fucking reason other than for some media attention and to make your own self feel like a “REAL” soulja, you might wanna check up on your policy. And if you GOTTA PLAN to get arrested, then you aint in the real struggle…so you probably won’t having any problem reading that shit. So take a fucking look before sending poor folks and folks of struggle into the battle as your human shields.
Last week a law passed in San Francisco that made it policy to THROW OUR ACTIVIST ASSES IN JAIL UNDER RICO AND HOLD US THERE ON FELONY CHARGES. And according to federal funding and planning…its just going to get worse.

I mean OCCUPY THE JAILS if that’s your fucking plan, but I’m pretty sure enough of us poor folk and folks of color is doing that already. You might wanna shed youre little Stranger\SF Weekly\NPR\ Huffington Post light on that shit first before sending any more of us in.

Actually, you might wanna put yourselves on notice: YOU HAVE PIMPED US FOR THE LAST TIME. There is eldership in this community. You have rejected it and stepped all over it. You have stolen the words and the movements of people in REAL struggle for your own purposes. You can’t even fill out the hipster pants your fronting in. You don’t know what your doing. You don’t know what you’re getting into. You are falling right into THEIR traps. YOU ARE A THREAT TO OUR COMMUNITIES AND YOU WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED. STOP using OUR people for YOUR wack ass movements. You WILL be called out as the PIMPS you ARE and TREATED AS SUCH. I made the mistake of not directly confronting you before. For that I apoogize to Bruce, Jeremy, and my entire community. It won't happen again.

MENTORS AND ELDERS: WE HAVE FAILED. We let these wack ass muthufuckers take over our movements for far too long now. IT’S TIME TO TAKE THEM BACK. No more of our people can go down for pimps and hipsters.

On my birthday, Bruce faced his fear of flying to come visit me in Seattle. We went bowling. He sang me Age of Asparagus and Macho Macho Clam. He listened to me cry. He cried with me. I’m crying for him now. I wish I knew how he was.

Action: Please Call the district atty and demand they be released and that this was not a conspiracy- Ph # 415-553-1751-

Finally, someone is tellin the truth! Thank u thank u thank u!! I was waitin 4 sum1 to em call out! They are gettin way 2 cocky and they actually believe their self righteous asses are doin something good. We need more folks like you that will tell the truth bout these selfish, ignorant assholes. Word to all of what you said, dont need em, dont want em, dont like em, fuck em!!

...haven't you realized that it is only since the hipster joined in that "the revolution, the struggle, social justice, system reform…whatever the hell you wanna call it" has been noticed in the media? Jettison the hipsters by all means, but be prepared for your cause to return to obscurity.


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