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Carina - Posted on 17 April 2012

Fri, 06/15/2012 - 6:00pm - Sun, 06/17/2012 - 2:51pm

The Revolutionary Change Session 2012
Decolonizing, Healing and Preparing For Liberation From ALL Plantations

A Three day intensive seminar to heal, decolonize and prepare for life beyond plantations, pimping, po'licing and profiteering to realize, vision and... conceptualize sharing, caring and true inter-dependence in real time.
The Herstory:
3 years ago on the Herstoric day of Juneteenth 2009 at POOR Magazine's Race, Poverty, Media Justice Institute/PeopleSkool the first Revolutionary Change Session was born . At this life-changing event poor peoples of color in struggle taught, sung, prayed, dreamed, visioned, shared and collaborated across race, class and gender lines with 22 young people with race, class and/or education privilege to launch the concept of Revolutionary Donor, draft the document known as The Declaration of Inter-dependence and introduce the frame of Community Reparations.

The New-Story
This year, on Juneteenth 2012, the Poverty, disability, migrant, youth, elder and indigenous youth, adults and elders, known as Poverty Skolaz in Residence at POOR Magazine's Race,Poverty, Media Justice Institute and PEopleSkool are back with the Revolutionary Change Session 2.0. This 3 day intensive session will focus on creating space for "deep" liberation from the controlled systems that perpetrate capitalism, exploitation and profiteering of indigenous youth, adults and elders in poverty locally and globally. As well, this Session will deepen the poor people-led/indigenous people-led teaching and learning about the role of academia, philanthropy and non-profit and for-profit corporate control of our education, land, and resources. This session is meant as a collective healing for all peoples culminating in templates for sustainable change
Juneteenth Weekend Schedule:
(Subject to Change -Program in development)

* Day 1: Friday, June 15th, 6pm-
Opening Ceremony with Blessing followed by GentriFUKation Tours R US "Tour" through San Pancho CalifazAztlan/Ohlone Land (known as San Francisco's Mission District)

* Day 2: Saturday, June 16th 10:00-5pm-
Saturday night 6pm-10pm
Dinner-Movie & party wit special guests
full schedule TBA

* Day 3: Sunday, June 17th 11-am-4pm -
full schedule TBA

Tuition as Equity Sharing

So one of the first acts of resistance to the myths of Akkkademia and philanthro-pimping is to figure out what you can really afford to pay for the knowledge at a skool rooted in community knowledge, sustainability and care–giving, your thoughtfulness and honesty is in line with POOR's values as an indigenous organizing project and will help sustain revolutionary change for ALL members of yours/ours communities together. More on this can be found on POOR Magazine's Revolutionary Donor Page

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