A Worker's Worth

Tiny - Posted on 02 February 2012

I'm not even 40 years old, so to think of slaving for pennies until I'm in my 60's or older in amerikkka makes me ponder on a destiny other than being a slave-like zombie for the Sssystem. It is an insane insult to the value of eldership in this country, To even require a person work up until 6 months before being admitted into a nursing home. A lot of  elders that work way beyond their "Golden Years" don't live to reap the "benefits" of "retirement." Either that, or be forced to spend every dime saved on their hellthcare bills obtained by working yourself to death for these corruptporations and npic's in the first place.

The "big drawers" on top rake in billions off us "common folks" for their "common wealth." We sacrifice sweat, limbs and tears as if we are the flies that fatten the frogs for the snakes, and if we are lucky, we bring home enough broken bread to survive. Unfortunately, this is a robotizied slave sssystem we are working for and I use the term loosely. I say slave because no matter how long you work on the plantation, the odds are slim that you'll ever own the "big house," that is unless we are blessed to have a strong interdependent frame of mind, not to mention a firm backbone of support and unity amongst the people. We have to battle a system that taxes the poor working "class" into a "below poverty level" class. A sssystem that steals land, creates sweatshops to enslave more people to work for wages that couldn't support a houseplant and give tax breaks to those who can afford to use our currency as toilet tissue. We have to battle a sophisticated ante of a slavery reform where it is ok to literally work people to death. The "common folk" such as myself have never been afraid or too lazy or uneducated enough to take on what is supposed to be rewarding- hard work. It is only when you combine hard work with interdependence for self and 'rades will it prove to be rewarding. How many people became wealthy and interdependent slaving for an underappreciative or racist boss, as opposed to how many have taken their own lives out of frustration or became irreversibly hopeless because of the loss of their jobs, housing or other life necessity? Homelessness, famine and other forms of poverty should be outlawed, but as mentioned before, this is a slave institution created by and for the survival of the slavemassa's people.
It is a slap in the face to beg a man for the tools of life so that you and your family won't starve, just to be told no when this man, who is no better than you is fully aware of your need and rights to survival. I have been assaulted many times by my former employer with ultimatum blows of "either your job or your family" or "your job or your health." I was even told one time to "get over the deaths of  my mother and brother and git back to work." These are unfair cheap shots that "bosses," "managers" or "supervisors" will throw to see how well "slaves" are controlled. If you are a rebellious "slave" and dare to challenge the wrongologies of the workplace, the "bosses" will get rid of you. 
I was eventually fired after taking a stand. One of the managers actually committed perjury and had my benefits denied when I injured myself on the job, and with impunity. All of the above, and I was also a niggah!
Self-Determination is mandatory whether or not you face the same hells as most of us. To be comfortable depending on those with a slavemassa mentality will strip you of your power over your destiny, and seal your fate. To sit there and eat out of the same plate as these "bosses" just because you git a lil' extra money will not last long, and when it is time to "clean house" the butt-kissers will be the first to go, tossed right back to us "common folks!"

...so to think of slaving for pennies until I'm in my 60's or older in amerikkka makes me ponder on a destiny other than being a slave-like zombie for the Sssystem."

How nice. Well, with Coca Cola moving back into Burma, and Cuba making nice to attract US dollars, I guess you'll be moving to North Korea soon. We'll miss you so much!

Thank you for your words and writing the truth....

...then living off of government benefits paid for by taxes on the capitalist system is...what?

So the poor are taxed into poverty, are they? Please share the details of your 1040 from last year; how much did you earn, and how much did you pay in taxes? I'm sure someone of your pride and distinction would never consider accepting government benefits.

Sorry, Queenie, but self-determination means entrepreneurship, and I doubt that you know the meaning, let alone the spelling, of the word.


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