Sleeping through the Dream

Tiny - Posted on 18 January 2012

As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, there are many special events to choose from honoring Dr. King for his courageous attempts at world peace and equality. But as these events go on for a day, one must ask what are we “celebrating” exactly? Are we living the “dream”? To “celebrate” means that the world is that much closer to a peaceful place of love and brotherhood as Dr. King spoke of through his visions. As I look around, not only are people of color continue to be subjected to persecution like the Scott Sisters,  or murdered like Oscar Grant, but the very seeds of hatred towards blacks and other peoples of color in amerikkka have grown into full weeds that chokes self-hatred into our own brothers and sisters. Black on Black crime is now labeled an “urban trend’ and the promoting of this deadly propaganda be it movies or music is highly profitable.
When Martin Luther King marched this hellish concrete to stand up against the oppressors, brothers and sisters back then wasn’t concerned with concerts or breaking the bank to buy designer clothes from non-blacks who could care less about us as a whole- the people had their priorities more intact and you would see the people in masses fighting for hueman rights as naturally as we breathe. It is disrespectful to our ancestors who have shed blood all over this amerikkkan flag to ensure freedom from racism and oppression for us, the offspring, only for some of us to blow out the flame once the torch was passed down to us. We still face the same prejudices economically, socially and with landlords like Jamie Hein who still displays “whites only” signs on her property the housing market is no better either.
Again one asks was this holiday meant to be celebrated for our “major accomplishments” by throwing expensive privileged luncheons, or is this holiday another pacifier to further encourage complacency?
To live the dream is to first wake up and realize that there are no “political heroes” when politricktians themselves are a tool and they eat from the same plate of sophisticated oppression. We must not be comfortable with ANY injustices no matter how big or small because the silent majority gives power to the “loud’ minority, who have no problem saying loud and clear “we don’t give a damn about none of you!”
To live the dream is not about a house with a white-picket fence and a couple of bucks in the bank, but to simply continue on the fight for humanity. To fight for the right to not have to worry about food, shelter, healthcare or being dictated to doom by racist or sell-out puppets. Living the “Dream’ is to heal thyself , families and community. To practice and include villageism in our everyday lives. All power to those few fortunate enough to have received Some kind of  slice of justice, but for many of us, as for living the dream the struggle continues.




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