"Occupied" by Real Estate Snakkes and Homelessness #2

Tiny - Posted on 04 December 2011

PNN_TV: Re-porting N Sup-porting On the Mass March with Occupy SF to highlight the role that the 1% big banks play in the evictions of tenants and the gentrification of San Francisco.

The Mass March is the culmination of 4 neighborhood rallies organized by tenant and neighborhood groups. The Tenants Union will begin in the Tenderloin where we will march to buildings bought by Citi Apartments with money from Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo invested in Citi Apartments because they were promised there would be big profits because Citi Apartments would replace 80% of the existing tenants in each building with tenants paying higher rents.

This PNN-TV video was filmed by Tiburcio - 8 yr old Youth SKolar at PNN!

- 8 year old victim, exploited by his elders to promote their political agenda.


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